5 Healthy Alcohol Options for You

Alcohol is an integral part of Australian culture, and it’s hard to see any occasion without drinks.

From weddings to sports matches, and even at funerals or baby showers, drinking is socially acceptable and plays a central role in an Australian’s social life.

There are only a few social gatherings where drinking alcohol is not encouraged. I bet you can’t think of one right now.

Drinking may be perceived as negative overall because, of course, too much binge drinking can be dangerous for you.

Luckily, drinking in moderation will not hurt as long as you stay healthy. Some types of alcohol also have health perks and are more preferred compared to others.

From the classic red wine to Rosé Champagne from stores like Bevmart, you can enjoy sipping alcohol without worrying about any illnesses.

Here are the best alcohol options for a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Red Wine

Not all wines are created equal. Even if all types of wine eventually convert into sugar, red wine has added benefits that may be good for your health.

Red wine has active compounds, called polyphenols, quercetin, and resveratrol, which improve your heart’s functions and overall health. Resveratrol may even be a key to keeping your memory sharp and helps regulate your blood sugar.

The important caveat is to drink red wine in small doses only. So only drink one glass a day or 5 oz.

  1. Tequila

The key to tequila’s health benefits is Agavin, the natural sugar found in this fiery drink.

Agavin is similar to fibre and is non-digestible. It also will not raise your blood sugar levels, even if it is a type of sugar, and it triggers insulin production. It is safe to say that diabetics would love tequila.

The best thing about agavin is that it can help lower your cholesterol and help you lose weight. You do not want to include a bottle of tequila in your diet plan, but you can enjoy it in moderation with a standard shot of the sweet or 1 oz of citrusy Tequila Margarita by shops like Bevmart.

  1. Rum

Ever wonder why Captain Jack Sparrow never dies? Maybe rum has something to do with it.

Rum is made from molasses and other by-products of sugarcane and may enhance mental health in so many ways.

This strong drink can also you a healthy and strong heart. It is great for peripheral artery disease prevention and blood thinner, which means that your artery blockages would occur less, preventing heart attacks and heart disease.

A healthy serving of rum is 1.5 oz.

  1. Rosé

A fancy alcohol name also means some fancy health benefits.

Rosé is a type of wine that is a tad healthier than its cousins. Choosing between rosé and white wine, you should go with rosé because it contains more antioxidants. Research has also revealed that white wine drinkers have a 13 per cent higher risk of cancer than red or rosé aficionados.

This wine contains polyphenols that help prevent atherosclerosis, a major contributor to heart diseases.

Just like red wine, enjoy a 5 oz glass of Rosé a day.

  1. Champagne

This tasty drink may be best for those that have an upcoming exam. Champagne may enhance memory and even prevent Alzheimer’s.

Further, champagne helps enhance the quality of your skin. Of course, it does not stem from drinking it, but it is still a benefit.

Enjoy in Moderation

Do not think that these types of alcohol will save your life or make you healthier. You must also eat well, exercise daily, and drink in moderation to gain the full health benefits these drinks offer.

Try drinking the right amount after a hard day’s work. Bevmart offers a superb expression of elegance in its Rosé Champagne, perfect for soothing the palate.

Paul watson

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