5 Jobs That Pay Well and Require No Previous Experience

Every young girl dreams of being financially independent and able to afford all the things she wishes, from fancy clothes to her own place or a sports car. However, not all are lucky enough to be born in wealthy families or in big cities, which offer almost endless job possibilities. Usually, the highest paying jobs require long term studies, such as med school or law school. Still, there are some opportunities you can access with little to no previous experience, just by being an enjoyable person, both inside and out. Here are 5 such jobs:

  1. Flight Attendant

If you are pretty and communicative, love to travel and are not afraid of flying, then the job as a stewardess or flight attendant is perfect for you. You will get to visit destinations you wouldn’t have ever dreamed of, and you will feel respected and admired by passengers. Besides the high pay, you will also get to dress fancy and wear make up at work, which will boost your confidence to the sky, literally.

  1. PR Assistant

As a PR assistant, you will fulfill your dream of making a change in the world, while also exercising your speaking and persuasive skills. Moreover, since we are talking about being an asisstant and not a PR executive, you will have a role model to look up to and learn all the secrets of this job. After a few years, you can even take that job yourself and build the career you always wanted for yourself.

  1. Waitress

Being a waitress doesn’t sound all that charming, but just think about the tips! There is nothing more certain than the fact that guys who appreciate your looks and the way you serve them will leave a big tip. Moreover, in contrast to being a flight attendant or a PR assistant, the waitress adventure can start much earlier, as the first job you take, from the age of 16 or 17. You will earn money which will help you pay for your studies, buy clothes or travel.

  1. Online Modeling

If you choose a non-adult agency, online modeling can bring you a lot of satisfactions, as well as money. All you have to do is talk to members and entice them to spend as much time as possible in the conversation. As you will soon find out, this requires a lot of conversational, as well as psychological skills. Besides the wage, you can also get numerous bonuses, as well as the advantage of organizing your own schedule the way you want.

  1. Croupier

Last but not least, being a croupier is as rewarding as it is fun. Just think about it: you will spend your nights in fancy casinos, meeting famous people and getting enormous tips from poker, roulette or blackjack players who win. Your mission will be to smile all the time, but also be very concentrated at what you are doing, especially when shuffling and dealing poker cards. If any of those jobs sound enticing to you, just go for them and you will not regret it. It might just be easier than you think, and results will be as fulfilling as you would expect.

Paul Petersen

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