5 things to think about when planning your wedding

You’ve said yes to the proposal and you’re in full bridezilla mode. Though there’s no denying that planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming, it doesn’t have to take over your life. Below, we’ve rounded up a few things you need to take into consideration…

Settling on a location

One of the most difficult things to get right when planning a wedding is choosing the right venue and location. Some couples have dreamt of their big day for years and so their location is already set in stone, whereas others will need to travel across the region to find the most appropriate setting. Take your time and ask questions – if it doesn’t have everything you want, look elsewhere. There are literally thousands of venues for you to choose from!

Choosing the right dress

Finding the right wedding dress is another common concern. We recommend planning a girly day out with your friends and trying on dresses in your local store. Again, you shouldn’t settle for the first one you see, no matter how excited it makes you. Be picky and enter the store with a clear list of things you want; that might be florals, jewels, or even a fancy train.

Deciding who to invite

Something else that causes problems when planning a wedding is deciding who you’re going to invite. With so many friends and family to consider, it’s natural to want to go all out and invite hundreds of people – but that makes your wedding less intimate, and much more expensive. Be realistic about who you want to be there and make those tough decisions – those who you don’t invite to the main ceremony can come along as evening guests.

Wedding traditions

It doesn’t matter what theme you’ve chosen for your wedding, there are some traditions that you simply cannot forget about. From wearing a white wedding dress to having your father walk you down the aisle, these are fairytale-esque moments and mean so much. Claddagh Rings has put together an awesome infographic on great Irish traditions that you might want to think about, including handfasting, which is where the phrase “tying the knot” comes from.

Celtic Wedding Traditions

Thinking about the honeymoon

Once the wedding ceremony is complete and you’re a married couple, you’ll likely want to jet off to a faraway land to celebrate the start of your new life. Though modern couples take a more sensible approach to their trip, often planning a vacation months or even years after their wedding day, there’s nothing stopping you from heading to the airport once you’ve said: “I do.” Think about where you want to go, what your budget is, and whether that fits into your overall wedding spend. You could ask guests to contribute towards your accommodation and flights in order to make it possible, but that means you’ll forfeit any potential wedding gifts!

Whatever you’re planning for your big day, we hope that it’s filled with love, passion, and fun.

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