5 Things You Need To Become a Hacker

Hacking is one of the coolest professions in the world of information technology. The wide application of ethical hacking has also taken over the global market. Every company is looking to hire a hacker to find the loopholes in their systems and spot discrepancies. There is a certain edge that hackers have to any other profession.

It is easy to be inspired by the many hacker groups like Anonymous and Lizard Squad who use their power of hacking to notorious use. What you should be looking for is a career in ethical hacking and as a hacker, you must master many skills.

Here are 5 that are a must-have:

1. Computer Networking

It goes without saying that computer skills are the core of ethical hacking. When we say computer skills it’s a lot more than what you learn in school. You must be able to access the directories, edit registers, and set up and alter networking parameters. You must have a basic understanding of networking such as DHCP, NAT, IPv4, Vlan, OSI model and much more. On most occasions, the process of hacking boils down to leveraging the network to your advantage.

2. Understanding of Database

If you need to protect a database through hacking, you must know the ins and outs of it. Without a full understanding of the database and DBMS, you will be lost at sea. This also means a full understanding of the SQL language. It’s also recommended to master at least one of the DBMS such as MySQL Server or Oracle.

3. The Skill of Reverse Engineering

Just like how no software is built from scratch, no malware is either. They are all additions and re-creations of an existing component. This means you must be able to reverse engineer any piece of code or malware to understand the source of the breach or the reason for the discrepancies. Many hacker groups spend months just breaking down this process.

4. Creative Thinking

There is nothing straight forward about hacking. It’s a twisted job for a twisted mind. You need to think on your toes and find the fastest routes to intercept or inject malware. At all times, a hacker must be able to come up with more than one way to break into a network or fix a bug.

5. Patience

Patience and persistence are the two pillars of hacking. It’s a long tedious job that needs you to be focused and keep a cool mind. You will at many times hit dead ends and fail to find the right ways to navigate around a problem, but it’s important to keep focused.

Paul Petersen

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