5 Things You Should Expect from Your Podiatry Clinic Visit

Would it be your first time to visit a podiatry centre in Singapore today? Well, it is quite normal to feel anxious since you’re clueless of what your specialist might do to you. They may ask you to stay for a while to get your leg issues corrected. Worst is that they request you to be admitted for several days to get proper treatments for your foot discomfort.

They may also surprise you with a diagnosis you haven’t heard before that may leave you speechless in their podiatry clinic. You are even left shocked and lost for words since you have no idea what they’re telling you. Hence, that may be the most awkward situation you’ll never want to be.

So, if you never want to experience an embarrassing moment with your specialist, then you must be prepared on your initial visit with your podiatrist in Singapore. Be ready with these essential things that will make every second of your appointment worth it. Moreover, never be clueless again on what you should expect from them.

Lots of Questions

First and foremost, prepare yourself to answer different questions from your podiatry clinic specialist. It starts with their staff asking for your private information such as your name, contact details, residence, birth date, and your medical history. Some may even request for a list of medicines you take to treat your limb issue and problem.

But do not let your podiatrist do all the questioning as you can also butt in during your conversation and ask them about your concerns. You may begin on what may be their initial diagnosis of your condition. Seek answers on how you got it and what are your immediate treatment options to cure such ailments.

What to Bring? It is advisable to list down both your questions and possible answers to their queries to hasten your podiatry centre appointment. Include in your go-to list your information and medical history, as well as prescribed medicines from your previous specialist. Never forget about your questions as these may help you ease your worries and concerns regarding your condition.

Experience Sharing

Aside from the usual Q&A moments inside their clinic, your podiatrist may also ask you to share your experiences before you felt the pain in your lower limb. Share with them all your activities that may have led to your current condition. You must also mention the first aid cure you applied to ease the discomfort temporarily.

Be truthful with the details you share with your specialist. You should only provide them with accurate information that can help them with their diagnosis. Furthermore, guide their podiatry clinic on giving you the right prescriptions based on the experiences you’ve shared. Besides, why would you risk your health only because you want to twist your stories with them?

What to Bring? Prepare another list, but this time, it should contain a detailed timeline of your condition. Note of the date when you first felt any pain or discomfort on the issue you’re complaining. Draw several days back and try to remember the possible root cause of your condition. Again, it is the best way you can help your podiatrist have a truthful diagnosis.

Tests, Tests, Tests

Other than discussions and talks, prepare for the different tests that your podiatry centre might perform on you. Expect a physical examination where your specialist will get vital information such as your height, weight, and overall condition. They may also feel and look at your hurting limb to assess it initially.

But if they won’t be able to determine your condition by looking at it, then they may subject you to other examinations. These might include x-rays, CT scans, and blood tests that most podiatry clinics in Singaporecan administer.

What to Bring? It is not necessarily what you should bring, but more of what you must wear. Since you’re not sure if what types of tests your podiatrist will recommend you take, it is ideal that you wear comfortable clothing that you can remove easily. Avoid wearing tight jeans or closed shoes to save your time removing them if your specialist requests you to do so. You can even be in your most cosy attire to lessen your worries on your initial visit with them.

Treatment Planning

Once they finish your tests, expect your specialist to draft your possible treatment plan to alleviate your condition. These may include options that may surprise you at first but are beneficial for you in the long run. Look for the most recommended podiatristinSingapore today that can provide you with efficient treatment options.

Aside from their efficiency, you should also check your schedule as some treatments may require you to revisit their podiatry clinic. These include therapy sessions that you can only get inside their health facility.

What to Bring? Always bring with you your medical records every time you revisit your podiatry centre for your therapy sessions. You should be able to show your specialist these data so they can monitor your progress on your treatment. Furthermore, consider other medications if your previous option is ineffective.

Schedule Follow-ups

Lastly, expect your specialist to provide you with a schedule for your follow-up appointments. You should agree with your podiatrist if your next check-ups fit with your schedule. It is best to arrange this with your specialist before you even leave them on your initial visit.

What to Bring? Well, you don’t need to worry on what to bring or how your initial visit will turn out if you choose to schedule your appointments with some of the most recommended podiatry clinics like ECPC (KP). They are known for their roster of competent podiatrists in Singapore who will guide you through the whole process. Check their website now to book your appointment with them today!

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