6 Healthy Makeup Brands Worth For The Perfect Skin

Have you got engaged recently? Congratulations to you! With the wedding bells nearing you must be gearing up to be a perfect bride. What creates the transformation of a girl into a perfect bride is the makeup. Its your wedding and you must have booked a best makeup artist in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever you plan to get hitched. The bridal makeup is heavy and for those with a sensitive skin the chemical induced makeup products can create rashes and pigmentation.

 You would not want to end with an irritated skin on your D-day. Are you afraid of the cons of the chemical induced bridal makeup? Worry not as we have brought the solution for you. Instead of opting for the chemical induced makeup products you can consider to pick up organic products that are skin friendly. The wedding market has several organic makeup products options available.Sprucing up the game several top brands have jumped in the race bringing in organic and natural makeup products that are skin friendly. So here is a list of the top makeup brands that specialize in making organic and healthy makeup products.

  1. Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty started off as a initiative by Jessica Alba who helms a billion dollar clean lifestyle empire.  The actress turned business mogul decided to change her routine to using non chemical induced makeup. Her decision was the brainwave that laid the foundation of honest beauty. Honest Beauty comprises of products that are clinically tested by scientists. The test verifies the quality of the ingrediants that go in the making of the product which makes them worth the price. The beauty brand has makeup products that utilize natural ingrediants such almond, cocoa, sheer butter amongst other. Though a bit on the expensive front but the use of natural ingrediants is what makes them worth the cost.

  1. RMS Beauty

A makeup brand that has been well approved by the celebrities. RMS Beauty is a luxe organic makeup brand that comprises of products that not only feature anti aging properties but also nourishes the skin. The products are high on price as they are made with minimal processing and food-grade, raw, and organic ingredients. The usage of the natural ingredients reaps benefits as it nourishes the skin with vitamins and antioxidants.

  1. Kjaer Weiss

If your one of those brides looking for makeup products that have fancy packaging and are also skin friendly  and Kjaer Weiss is your answer. The swiss and refillable metal design of the products gives them a luxe and fancy appearance. The best thing about the products of the brand is that it uses certified organic ingredients which are free of parabens, silicone, and synthetic fragrances. The makeup brand provides an indulgent experience.

  1. Ilia

 Transparency is aim of Ilia beauty. The company works with the goal of creating makeup products that have skincare benefits. Launched in 2011 the makeup product has been a game changer revolutionizing the concept of makeup. The brand has created makeup products that are packed with organic ingrediants and selected safe skin synthetics. The sustainable packaging makes use of recycled aluminium glass and paper.

  1. 100% Pure Beauty

100% Pure Beauty is a makeup brand that offers a collection of skincare, makeup, hair and body products that are made with natural ingredients. The brand refrains from using synthetic products whilst making their products. The brand uses fruits, vegetables, tea, plant pigments to color the cosmetics. Creation of every products follows a 9 step procedure which ensures its potency, purity and stability over time.

  1. Lilah B.

A popular makeup brand that specializes in chic swivel compact. The brand creates simple, multipurpose beauty products that have clean formulas. The makeup products by the brand are free of gluten, sulfates and parabens and are packed with the goodness of aloe and botanicals. The products make the skin beautiful by nourishing it. Look amazing on your wedding day as you give the makeup products by Lilah B. a try.

So these are a few makeup products that you can consider giving a try. Which brand are you bookmarking for your d-day. Tell us about your choice in the comments below.


Paul Petersen

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