6 Points To Understand About Varicose Veins In Singapore

Pain or discomfort in your body is the first thing you would not want to feel. But sometimes, they still appear if you are not doing anything. Though it could be okay in some cases, it might also cause an alarming sign of an occurring health condition. Do not overlook anything that you feel, and be vigilant about it. If it is tolerable, preparing for an appointment with your doctor is better. Some people who ignore pain, specifically in their legs, do not know they are already experiencing varicose veins.


Many varicose veins cases in Singapore do not know that they are already experiencing the condition until they become uncomfortable because of pain. And if you are also feeling the same, consulting a professional is a must to ensure that you can do the necessary actions to help your treatment and recovery. If you are not knowledgeable enough about the ailment yet, here are some of the basic ones you must remember:


Whatever is happening to your veins has something to do with your actions. Some of it could be part of your routine, but you are not aware that they are already causing a risk to your health. Saying this, being mindful of the causes of varicose veins can help you avoid the problem and do some balancing in your actions.

  • Spending too much time sitting or standing – for people whose job needs to stand or sit for long, do not forget to do some stretching between work. It helps improve the circulation of your blood. It is necessary, especially if your legs are sensitive to problems.
  • Obesity – for overweight people, always watch your health. Eating healthy and exercising is what you can do to improve your health.
  • Family history – not many people know that varicose veins can be because of family history. Anyone in your family can inherit it, so you need to know if your family members experience the issue.
  • Pregnancy or menopause – pregnant women are more sensitive, so they need to be more careful, especially in what they eat and do.
  • Sports injury – if you have encountered a sports injury, do not ignore it and get treatments for your condition. Check with a doctor to ensure that you do not experience other issues.

These five may look like nothing at first, but having them can already cause risks to your health, including varicose veins. Do not let it happen by having balance in your routine, especially if you want to ensure that you keep yourself healthy in many ways.


Aside from being aware of the causes of varicose veins, learning about its symptoms can also help you understand the condition. If you or your family members show the signs, you know what to do and who you can trust.

  • Itchy – affected parts could feel itchy, and you need to be aware of it. It can happen anytime and might look like nothing at first.
  • Legs are numbing – time will come that your legs might feel numb, whether you are doing something or not. It can affect your overall movement, so seek assistance if you encounter this.
  • Dark purple veins – is the most common symptom of varicose veins, so be mindful if you see it on your legs.
  • Pain – another sign is pain or discomfort. It could be bearable at times, but you should not ignore it.
  • Pressure on the legs – for some, having heavy legs is a sign of a vein problem. It could affect your walk and overall movement, so ensure that you check with a professional once you feel it.

These signs might look like nothing at first, but they could worsen as time goes by. Do not let it happen by searching for a vein clinic that could help diagnose and provide treatment.


Since you already know the causes and symptoms of varicose veins, it is better if you also check the treatments available to ensure that you can get rid of the condition. You may search for a clinic on the internet and see where you can get varicose veins treatment in Singapore. But to help you with different remedies, here are some you can do:

  • Skin light therapy
  • Wear stocking
  • Laser surgery

These three are the available treatments to ensure that the situation will not worsen. But, it is still better to search for a vein clinic to help you with the correct cure. Home remedies might work for some, but it depends on the severity of the condition.



Knowing where you can get treatment can help your condition to get treated early. You know someone you can trust with your health, whether the situation is already worse or not. If you are going to search for a vein clinic, ensure that they are trusted by many, legitimate, and have a good record in the healthcare industry.

And aside from varicose veins, you also need to check if they handle deep vein thrombosis and spider veins cases in Singapore. It is good if they are knowledgeable in handling different matters to ensure that they can diagnose their patients correctly.


A varicose vein is only one of the vein problems that many people experience, and there are still others that need attention. One of them is the spider vein. Unlike a varicose vein, the symptoms of this condition are lighter in appearance but almost have the same signs. But, you should also not ignore it as it can worsen over time. Search for spider vein treatment in Singapore if you do not know what to do.


Deep vein thrombosis or DVT in Singapore is worse than varicose veins. Here, blood clots happen, and it could be dangerous to your health. If it reaches the lungs or the brain, more complications might occur. Some might require taking medicine for life, not to mention the treatment you need to undergo.

Understanding the condition can help you be more aware and prevent any worse situation. Learn more about vein conditions and cures by searching for a vein clinic in Singapore or visiting the website of Cheng SC Vein and Endovascular.

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