7 Must follow Steps Before Starting a Web Hosting Business

Reseller Hosting is an excellent way to enter the web hosting industry without investing in the infrastructure and manpower required to run a hosting company. The speed with which businesses are turning online to reach out to their customers and create a strong digital presence has led to a surge in the number of websites being launched. This has led to a huge demand for customized hosting services too. Many website hosting providers have started offering Reseller Hosting Plans to help Hosting Resellers get started. While the investment is low and the prospects bright, like any other business, starting a Reseller Hosting business requires planning and strategy. Today, we will share seven must-follow steps before starting a web hosting company.

  1. Define the market segment that you want to target

The web hosting industry is highly competitive, and most Hosting Resellers have managed to establish profitable businesses by focusing on smaller market segments. Hence, before you start, define the market segment that you want to target. Spend some time researching the segment and identifying the hosting requirements and current pain areas.

  1. Who are you competing with?

Once you have identified the market segment that you want to target, look at hosting companies and/or resellers that are currently selling to the same segment too. Analyze their hosting plans and try to create a hosting package that offers better services. Avoid trying to get into a price battle with a competitor during the initial stages of your business. Stay competitive and get a foot in.

  1. Understand the basics of web hosting

While you don’t need to be a technical expert to start a web hosting business, you can’t be clueless about the technologies and hardware used in hosting. You don’t need to have an in-depth understanding but should know enough to create efficient packages and explain them to your clients.

  1. Find the perfect Hosting Provider

Since the performance of your hosting packages will rely on the performance of the webserver, it is important to choose the hosting provider carefully. Look for features like maximum uptime, advanced security, high-performance servers, etc. to ensure that your client’s hosting requirements are met.

  1. White Label Support

As a Hosting Reseller, you can sell web hosting packages with your independent brand name. Your clients will never know that you are a reseller unless you tell them. This is possible if the hosting provider offers support for White Label hosting. Ensure that you look for this option as it allows you to establish yourself as an independent brand.

  1. SSL Certificate

Security should be your topmost priority since even a single security lapse is enough to create a bad reputation and cause losses. Your clients will assess your services at every step, starting from registering their profile on your billing software. Ensure that you install an SSL certificate on your server so that your clients experience security from the word ‘go’.

  1. Client Support

Remember, websites are operational round-the-clock. Therefore, your clients will expect support from you 24×7 too. You can have an in-house service team or tie-up with the hosting provider for offering support to your clients. Whatever you do, ensure that your clients receive dedicated and expert support when they need it.


Reseller Hosting can help you make money and establish a successful business provided you plan it right and approach it strategically. Follow the steps mentioned above, and see your business thrive. Good Luck!

Paul watson

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