7 Tips for Getting Rid of Back Pain

Surely you have complained more than once that your back hurts. Sometimes you overload yourself and overload them. You may find here the best 7 tips for getting rid of back pain

Worse, however, is when you are dealing with chronic pain that lasts more than a week and appears in correct and comfortable positions, and even during sleep.

There can be many factors, so even this slight pain should not be underestimated. When dealing with recurring pain, it can be an alarm signal of a serious illness. The fact is that if we quickly investigate the source of the pain – go to the doctor to diagnose what is wrong, we can prevent many unpleasantness.

Prevention is very important, not treatment. We must act preventively to protect our body.

I myself have been struggling with the pain problem in the lumbar back for a long time. I got injured years ago. It turned out after a back MRI that I had a hernia, but not so large that it needed to be operated on.

In the beginning I learned to live with pain and adjust my life to it, but that was a huge mistake. I should start working immediately to get rid of it completely.

I am going to write to you, dear reader, which was helpful in my case and may possibly also help you.

Remember, however, that there is no one recipe for healing your back. Everyone needs an individual diagnosis and treatment.

My tips may help you, but you may find that you need medical intervention. Before you start helping yourself, let the doctor help you, because proper diagnosis is the key to therapy.

1. Don’t slouch, watch your sitting

Nowadays, people tend to slouch and misalign their body. Due to the lack of knowledge about our body, we hurt ourselves.

When you have a sedentary job and you are in a bad position, these 8 hours imagine how badly wrong your body is. There is overload, pain in the back, neck and shoulders, as well as incorrect positioning of the spine.

You have to sit up straight and not slouch over whatever you do.

-Customize yourself a chair with a comfortable backrest.

-Set the right height between your desk and chair.

-Activate your back muscles by tightening your arms so that you don’t have such strong protection.

-Consciously think about your figure as if you were watching it from the side, and correct it when you forget yourself.

-Also remember about the neck, set it to be neutral.

-Use a footrest if necessary.

2. Carry the right way to protect your back

Every time you pick something up from the ground incorrectly you run the risk of injury. The human body is very strong. We are able to overload our back in an inappropriate way over a million times, but there may be a situation where during some distant “bad bend” our back will eventually tell us enough and we will suffer unpleasant injuries.

It is extremely important to master the appropriate movement patterns of our body. If we bend down our whole body works. Therefore, we have to bend the hip in the right way, so here the hip bend pattern is responsible for it, we bend the knee further, so here we should also properly use the bend pattern in the knee, keeping the back straight.

It is also very important to activate your abdominal muscles at least 20 percent when lifting something heavy off the ground. Regardless of whether it is shopping, gardening or training in the gym. The belly must be tense !!!

If you are unsure if you are bending your hip or knee the right way and are lifting the weight off the ground without risk of injury, try to record yourself and send it to a trainer, physical therapist or someone knowledgeable about it. Let her give you tips and evaluate how you bend down for something.

You can also send me an e-mail: [email protected] and I will be happy to help you.

3. Gymnastics to get rid of back pain

If your body stays in one position most of the time during the day. Your physical activity is negligible or there is no physical activity, so a little exercise will not hurt you.

Start the day with a little gymnastics. Get your joints moving – shoulder, hip, knee, neck and spine. Take a few minutes to stretch.

Involve your spine to work on various levels. Open your chest. Make different variations of external and internal rotations. Move your body side to side, make a twist, you can use basic yoga poses.

4. Gym training is a good remedy for back pain

By training in the right way in the gym, we have a significant impact on alleviating or getting rid of back pain. Training should be effective and moderate.

If you are just starting out or are going to start exercising in the gym, it is worth having a personal trainer and signing up to a gym studio that utilizes a gym management software to simplify the process.

When you are here, you can use my services and click here

Why is it so important to exercise correctly from the very beginning?

Because being aware of your body and knowing which muscle parts should activate during a given exercise correctly, we can exercise safely and use the training potential in one hundred percent.

But how does this translate to back pain? Well, by training general development, you can strengthen muscle parts such as the back, legs, buttocks or abdomen and when they are strong they will become a solid scaffolding for your spine.

Paul watson

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