All You Need to Know about the Universal AC Adapter

An AC adapter is one of the external power units which derive the power from the main power supply unit. It helps in converting the current and voltage for the portable device. Universal adapter is designed in such a manner that it provides power to the receiver device without taking it to any onboard power supply place.

AC Adapters being put in use at earlier days were considered as the linear power supply unit. They made use of the transformers to reduce the voltage count between 110 to 240 Volts as per the requirement of the portable device. Long time back, the laptop power supplies were large basically due to their size as they contained all the circuitry for the transformer. Even the weight was difficult to be supported by the wall outlets directly. Rather they generated huge quantum of heat, and the output voltage varied without any addition of the regulator.

SMPS or the Switched Mode Power Supplies came forward as one of the evolutionary steps. They help in keeping balance on the voltage variations and produce output current via the itching circuit as per the requirement. However, due to the higher frequency involvement, the transformer put in use are compact and comparatively lighter than their counterparts. Moreover, it could even operate on a wide range of voltage without any issue.

Now, the ac adapters manufacturers make sure to design the connectors which could be put in use in the different laptops. The best part is that they are designed in such a manner that it has four-way or six-way connectors while some have a variety of easily interchangeable tips.

Certain things must be checked in the universal AC adapter before making the replacement.

This Includes:

  • Size of Plug adapter (ปลั๊ก adaptor, which is the term in Thai). It is important to make sure that the plugs put in use are of the appropriate size to match up the laptop requirements.
  • Both the input and output AC and DC voltages should be properly matched where the device is to be put in use.
  • Whether the current supplied by the ac adapter can meet up the requirement of the laptop.

Most of the Universal adapter is the switched-mode one. They ensure to provide a reliable amount of output voltage even at the variable load conditions.

Paul watson

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