Alleviate the Symptoms of Menopause With These 7 Tips

Menopause is a natural human function that occurs in women. This process starts for most women in their forties and fifties. Menopause lasts for a few years and the majority of women show symptoms of the process. These symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability and tiredness and can be irritating and nagging. Along with these symptoms come more dangerous, tangible symptoms. Women during menopause are increasingly at risk to develop harmful diseases like osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. These are not symptoms you want to experience. Luckily, there are plenty of natural and safe ways to reduce the symptoms of menopause.

When you go through menopause, it is important to remember that this is not a disease or an illness. This is a natural occurrence that happens for most women and you are not an anomaly. This understanding, however, will not make the symptoms go away. On the bright side, simple solutions are available to take the stress of these symptoms to lessen. Here are six tips and tricks for you to use to lighten the symptoms of menopause.

  1. Consume lots of calcium and vitamin D

Menopause causes bones to deteriorate. Hormones are released into the body that causes bones to weaken and increase the chance of osteoporosis developing. Vitamin D and calcium are two nutrients tied to bone quality and strength, so diets, where high amounts are consumed, can prevent broken bones and osteoporosis. Leafy green vegetables are good sources of vitamin D. Sunlight can also provide the much-needed vitamin. Calcium can most commonly be found in milk and dairy products. Consuming dairy products is an easy way for you to replenish your calcium supply and keep your bones strong and healthy.

  1. Take supplements made for women in menopause

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet during menopause. Vitamin-rich foods may seem unappealing or your appetite may not be directed to nutritious foods. This is normal. Taking menopause supplements can help provide nutrients that are not sufficiently met. These supplements can make the symptoms of menopause drastically decrease. Supplements are available to limit hot flashes, strengthen bones, provide nutrients, and other helpful factors.

  1. Consuming a healthy diet

Having a healthy diet can prevent and lessen many of the symptoms of menopause. This begins with fruits and vegetables. Consuming a diet high in fruits and veggies will provide many of the nutrients to create a healthy body. These foods are also very low in calories, leading to weight loss. Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight during menopause provides many benefits. Women who lose ten pounds of body weight during menopause are much more likely to rid themselves of hot flashes and night sweats.

Eating a healthy diet not only leads to weight loss but can also be used to prevent harmful ailments like heart disease. Women who consume high amounts of fruits and vegetables along with other healthy food options are proven to get more of the needed nutrients required to fight bone breakdown.

  1. Avoid foods that trigger symptoms

Much as there are foods for you to consider adding to your diet during menopause, there are foods to rid from your diet. These foods are called trigger foods as they are known to trigger symptoms like heat flashes and night sweats. Trigger foods commonly include caffeine, sugary or spicy foods, and alcohol. These are examples of common trigger foods but are not specific from person to person.

You can monitor your intake of these foods to see which items and foods impact you the most. Trigger foods are not limited to sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, as there may be foods that trigger symptoms that do not fall into these categories. Monitor what foods make you feel worse and work to slowly eliminate them from your diet.

  1. Exercise

Though it can often be seen as a hassle, exercising is an easy way to reduce menopause symptoms. Exercising regularly is proven to raise metabolism, decrease stress, and create healthier bones and joints. Women who exercised for three hours a week during menopause for a year were proven to have healthier lives and stronger mental health.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Menopause can lead to decreased levels of estrogen. A symptom of lowered estrogen levels is dryness. An easy way to treat dryness is with drinking water. Eight glasses of water a day will not only eliminate dryness but also lessen the bloating caused by hormonal changes. Water can also flush harmful toxins out of the body, making you feel better in every aspect of your life.

Menopause can be a difficult time to go through. The symptoms are irritating and can lead to the development of harmful diseases. These six easy treatments can be done to reduce the symptoms of menopause and produce a healthier life during these years of hormonal change.


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