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In the recent times where environmental sustainability has become a huge point of debate, the discussions in the construction sector are also being held on the topic of which house design is better to build for energy conservation.  It is important to consider this question for not only the purpose of saving and preserving energy but also in terms of expenditures and expenses related to the building of these house models. The modern day architects and designers are also becoming aware of the need of energy efficient houses and hence are designing and building accordingly. Even the construction estimators have become more aware of the need are providing their construction estimating services keeping in view the need for energy efficiency.However, many owners when starting the construction projects for their homes explore the options for which house model is better. What kind of house will have more options for maintaining heat levels? What type of flooring will prove to be more efficient? Are single story houses better than double story houses in terms of energy conservation? These are all the questions that come under consideration when starting the construction project. In this post, we are going to address all these questions keeping in view the features of the models of houses and related to the energy sources required for heating, cooling or their sustainability. In addition, we are going to discuss in terms of double story and single story house designs. So keep reading.

Key features of an energy efficient house:

Before deciding what kind of house is better for energy efficiency and preservation, we will have to establish some key features of an energy efficient house. Most common question asked around this topic is this: What are the most important features of an energy efficient house?

Let us try to find answers for this:

Easy maintenance of house temperature:

For an energy efficient house, it is important that the house must have parameters for easy maintenance of the temperature of the house. The insulation must be done right in order to have a fully and properly insulated space. It works better in case of single story houses. As there is less space to cover and maintain the temperature of, heating and cooling are done right. In case of a double story house, the space contains more corners and angles, and have more space to heat or cool, it takes time and more resources to maintain the temperature. In this scenario, having a single story house is much better in terms of energy preservation.

Eco-friendly construction material:

One of the key features of an energy efficient house is to have eco-friendly materials used for the construction as well as furnishing. How is that helping? To answer this question, we have to list the most common items that go in making a house, Wood, concrete, water, equipment etc. The equipment requires fuel resources to operate. Hence, cuttings of the materials are an option for environment conservation. When taking this feature and applying it to a single story house, we see that since the house requires less resources for construction and the material cuts are done as the space is small, it is a better option for energy efficiency. The building time is reduced and the time for resource utilization is reduced as well. This makes the single story house a better option for the ones who are looking for sustainable environmental sources of construction.

Reduced safety hazards:

Why is this a key feature of an energy efficient house? Here is why. As we have discussed above that less resources are required for a small space, similar to that, less safety measures are required for a space with no stairs. Having this feature available for you while doing construction, material costs are reduced and no additional installations are required for safety measures.

Controlled ventilation:

An eco-friendly and energy efficient house must have a controlled system of ventilation. The thermal insulation must be up to the mark. HVAC ducts and air ducts must be properly insulated in order to distribute the temperature equally throughout the house. It is imperative for a house to be able to maintain the temperature itself. Thermal insulation is a way to do that. This system of controlled ventilation not only helps in maintain the process of heating or cooling but also helps with the better air quality.

Is it easy to insulate a single story house as compared to a double story one?

It is a common question and the answer obviously is yes. When talking in terms of temperature maintenance through insulation and insulating materials, it is easy to get the task done for e a single story house. Because of less number of corners and less technicalities related to the insulation of flooring and ceilings, it is convenient and requires less effort, time and resources.

These are the key features of an efficient house that does the task of energy preservation and conservation. These points can make you understand the need for energy efficiency while construction. Along with these, we must also take a look on how to make a home energy efficient?

How to make a home energy efficient?

To answer this question of how, we have some simple solutions at hand that are easy to work with. Take follow these points if you do not know where to start.

  • Make use of solar energy. Install solar panels to generate electricity for your house. This will fulfill your energy needs while keeping your house eco-friendly. Moreover, let us admit, it is a very budget friendly idea as well.
  • Perform proper insulation. Both thermal insulation and waterproofing are required for avoiding the related hazards and troubles.
  • Seal and insulate building envelope. Building envelope is a term known to everybody who is in the construction business or in the business of insulation. This physical separator must be sealed and insulated in a proper manner in order to avoid harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.
  • Smart technology has made its way to the construction sector and the idea of smart houses is being implemented everywhere. Technology has replaced many conventional methods and features of house construction and hence, has made the houses more eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment. Build through innovation and take help from technology.
  • Use hardwood flooring for your house floors. This type of floor absorbs less amount of heat and hence proves effective in terms of temperature maintenance.

These are the necessary steps for building safe and energy efficient houses. Single story houses are best in terms of both space saving and resource usage.

Hope this will help you in reaching a decision. Stay updated and build safe and efficient.

Paul Petersen

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