Is it Better to Build or Reform?

Many people are still in doubt as to whether it is better to build or reform, however, several factors must be taken into account.

Construction experts recommend that if the person owns the property, and as long as the structure is not damaged, it is worth renovating.

However, this question is very personal, and of course, do the calculations to know what is most advantageous.

If that is your question too, here we separate everything to take into account whether in reform or construction, and thus, it will be easier to make the best decision.

What to consider to build or reform?

As has already been said, there are several factors involved in deciding whether it is more worthwhile to build or renovate.

To help you, we’ve prepared a guide for both options, and then you’ll see which one fits your profile and budget the most.

What to take into account during a reform?

First of all, it is necessary to define which rooms you want to reform, and know that when we start to “move”, other problems may arise.

Generally, in very old houses, it is necessary to change the entire electrical and hydraulic system, mainly because these properties were not designed for the appliances we have today, computers, air conditioning, etc.

Not to mention that the pipes are very likely to be rusty and broken.

If you live in a house, another point that you need to check is the condition of the roof, which, over time, may also have a compromised structure.

Therefore, during a reform, it is necessary to evaluate all electrical wiring, plumbing and the roof.

What are the benefits of a reform?

Although it can be a bit expensive to do a reform, there is a positive side: the property will be valued.

In addition, if you are used to that neighborhood and do not intend to move, it is worth renovating your old house.

But it is important to do a good planning, and if possible, ask the opinion of a reform and construction company, as it has qualified professionals to assess the whole situation.

Remembering that, depending on the type of renovation, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements in order to regularize the work.

When is it worth building?

Let’s suppose that you live in a very old house and that, depending on the condition of the property, it is not worth doing a renovation, but demolishing and building from scratch.

For this, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the pillars, support structures, beams, walls and roof.

Again, only a professional, for example, an engineer, is able to give a real diagnosis, and if you choose construction, you will be guaranteed the quality of the building.

Another idea is to buy land and build a house that meets your needs and personal preferences, that is, the project is more personalized.

Now, it is essential to have a specialized workforce, because there is no point in having the best project if there are no professionals prepared to carry out this project.

Reform X Build: what is better?

Based on all the information above, the time has come to decide which option is best, and for both, planning is essential.

This will avoid a lot of headaches when renovating or building.

It is also important to know how much you have to invest and especially, that it does not impact your financial life.

Here are some tips to evaluate:

  • Make a detailed budget and see which one is most worthwhile;
  • Analyze the structures;
  • Check the legislation regarding reforms and constructions;
  • Hire a professional to design a project.

In fact, whether it is a renovation or building from scratch, everything must be in harmony, such as structure, lighting, correct division and decoration.

In addition, from the moment it is your home, it should be as welcoming as possible, but without forgetting security.

That is why counting on the help of a specialized company is the best way out, as this will give you the guarantee that the service will be well executed.

Ask for help from a renovation and construction company

Regardless of whether you chose to reform or build, the ideal is to ask for help and opinion from those who really understand, which in this case is a reform and construction company.

This is because they have a team of professionals with experience in both renovations and construction.

That way, you can be carefree, since you will have all the technical support and monitoring, which is essential in any type of work.

The biggest advantage is the know-how, but it is important to be open to suggestions, because often what we idealize, in practice is not functional.

And only a professional in the area is able to think about projects in a more technical way and that are appropriate to the profile and needs of each one.

Alison Lurie

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