Benefits of Estrogen: Understanding Hormone Therapy

Our body naturally produces the hormone estrogen. Even though it is known as a female hormone, men also produce estrogen but at a much lower level. Its role is not only for managing your reproductive system but also in protecting your bones and helping your skin heal from wounds and injury.

There are times when the body does not make enough estrogen. This may be because of older age or medical conditions that affect the estrogen levels.

One solution that a doctor may prescribe for low estrogen levels is hormone therapy, a medication taken to help replace the estrogen in the body and ease the symptoms due to the lacking hormone.

Read on below to learn more about the advantages of having enough estrogen and what conditions can be addressed with hormone therapy.

Relieves the symptoms of menopause

The natural estrogen produced by the body changes as you become older. When puberty begins, more estrogen is produced and will continue to increase throughout your childbearing years. Your estrogen levels will start decreasing when you approach the menopausal stage, and you may begin feeling the following symptoms:

  • vaginal dryness
  • chills
  • hot flashes
  • too much sweating
  • finding it difficult to sleep

To ease these menopause symptoms, your physician will prescribe a medication that contains estrogen. Visit Yes Wellness to check out some great deals of estrogen-containing supplements.

Improves vaginal health

Estrogen can aid in maintaining vaginal health and address vaginal issues caused by declining estrogen levels. As the estrogen production slows down, changes in the vagina’s pH balance, tissue, and lining may also be experienced. This may cause a number of vaginal health issues, such as:

  • vulvar atrophy or a condition that may cause soreness, dryness, lack of control in urination
  • vaginal dryness
  • atrophic vaginitis, an inflammation of the tissues in the vagina usually caused by irritation and dryness

Replacing the lost estrogen with hormone therapy can also help treat these uncomfortable conditions.

Aids in treating ovary issues

The responsible organ for producing estrogen in females is the ovaries. Hormone therapy may be necessary if your ovaries fail to produce estrogen or if you have other health conditions that affect them. Some of the ovary related conditions that may require supplemental estrogen through hormone therapy are:

  • failure of the two ovaries
  • oophorectomy or the removal of two ovaries (when both ovaries are removed, symptoms of premature menopause may be felt)
  • decreased capacity of the ovaries or female hypogonadism

For bone protection

Estrogen may also help in reducing bone loss after your menopausal stage. In some cases, primary medications to treat bone loss or osteoporosis are not effective or can cause severe side effects. Your doctor may advise the use of estrogen hormone therapy instead. Recommend

You can also manage your estrogen levels by maintaining a healthier lifestyle like eating a balanced diet, taking a calcium supplement, and doing strength training or weight lifting.

Long-term use of hormone therapy has risks. That’s why it is always better to ask your doctor to know more about it, get the right prescription, and weigh its benefits and risks to your overall health.

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