Blogging has changed our way of life

Today blogging is not just limited to sharing personal experiences but is also inspiring others. Yes, being an influencer has changed my life and looking at how my work influences others is just overwhelming. It even encourages me to work harder and bring some new evolution to the fashion world.

When I started blogging, it was just my way of fashion, but as people started following, I got boosted, and it has a great impact even on my life. Now, I think out of the box and try out something unique that might focus my followers. I started following all the fashion celebrities and try to get inspired by them for my blogs.

How being an influencer has affected my life?

Everyone must stay updated with time, and so my fashion blogs have helped people to change themselves. Many factors must be considered while trying something new like occasion, time, age, season and much more. So, while I started my blog, it was to share my fashion experience with others, but people started following it, which has boosted me.

People always follow celebrities, but it is not always to try their exact look. So, I try to bring something new which is quite like celebrities but can be tried by normal people around us. There are many influencers and bloggers today, like, which greatly impact our lives. Bloggers are normal people, but the way people look at them helps influencers to work harder.

What will be my goal in future?

As an influencer, my life has changed a lot. The inspiration from my followers has made me realize that I should post more blogs. Many think that posting or making a blog is a tough task, but they are wrong. Infect I love making these fashion blogs and posting them for my followers.

The feedback or when followers appreciate it is like your work paid off. Many people go for my fashion tips and even try them out, which I can’t express in words. Fashion blogging is now a part of my life, and I try hard to post blog daily to bring something unique for my followers.

Is blogging helping financially?

Yes, Influencer marketing has helped me to get a good income. As people are following me, I endorse some genuine brands, and it works like my income. People who are new to blogging and willing to earn through it must follow

There are many channels through which influencers can get good followers and even promote brands or their products. In all, it is you to decide what niche you love to explore and accordingly try out blogging. Opting for your loved niche will indeed make you enjoy blogging. You can start blogging any Niche – Sport Blogging, Fashion Blogging, Tech Blogging and Any other.


I try hard to think out of the box and bring something new to the fashion world. People love what I love to do, and this inspires me to bring out my inner creativity. Being an influencer has changed my life and helped me do better in my life through blogs.


Paul watson

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