Boost your Immune Health and Rejuvenate your Old Cells with Peptide Stacking

Are you tired of trying everything natural including herbs, good nutritious food, balanced diet, exercise, consuming bottles of multivitamins, and soaking up in the sun and still feel that you are unable to maintain your physique and immune health?

If this is the case with you, then it might be time to try something new in your routine to achieve the health you have always desired. One such new product is thymalin peptide, which has shown tremendous beneficial effect on our health in various research studies. If you have never heard of peptides before, you must be wondering what thymalin can do when nothing else could help.

Peptides are small amino acid chains that stimulate the production of hormones in our bodies and regulation of certain glands. Thymalin is nothing but a synthetically produced peptide consisting of 2 amino acids and promotes the activities of the thymus gland.

Difference between Thymulin and Thymalin

Thymulin is the naturally occurring peptide in the thymus gland and is responsible for its regulation. Thymalin is a synthetic peptide, which stimulates the gland to produce other peptides and thymosin beta 4 producing a direct positive impact on our immune health.

Thymulin also aids our immune system and reduces inflammatory markers in our body. However, it is Thymalin that promotes the immune boosting activities of the thymus gland and plays a special role in synthesis of new T cells; which form an important part of our immune response.

Regulation of immune system with Thymalin Peptide

When administered, Thymalin produces the following effects to boost the functioning of our immune system:

  • Alters the activity of natural killer cells in our body.
  • Promotes differentiation of T cells.
  • Produces a positive change in the subpopulation of lymphocytes.

All these 3 factors produce a positive alternation in our cellular immunity and prevent our body into getting to the point of chronic immune suppression that is seen in most cases of Type II diabetes.

This lowers our risk of catching all kinds of infections and enhances our health at cellular level making us less prone to life threatening conditions including various forms of cancer. It also reduces chronic inflammation that is seen in people having chronically elevated levels of blood glucose. Thus, the disease progression slows down to a great extent.

However, do not self medicate yourself with peptides if you are suffering from any of these medical conditions and only buy thymalin after consulting a medical practitioner.

Thymalin Benefits

Thymalin is generally stacked with N-Acetyl Epitalon Amidate due to their benefits in not just increasing the lifespan but also in helping us live a much healthier life overall.

When the healing and health promoting benefits of Thymalin are combined with the protective and anti-ageing effects of the other; it forms a dream team to help you in achieving a rejuvenated self. These effects are produced due to the following actions of both compounds in our body:

  • N-acetyl Epitalon Amidate is a synthetic version of epithalamin which is naturally present in our pineal glands and helps in activating ribonucleoproteins in our body.
  • These ribonucleoproteins, also called telomerase promotes the replication of DNA, RNA metabolism, and gene regulating by lengthening specific telomeres.
  • These telomeres protect our DNA and with its replication help our bodies in growing new cells while rejuvenating the old ones.
  • As discussed above, Thymalin on the other hand promotes the production of certain peptides from our thymus gland and improves our immune health thereby.

Thus, together these two peptides can produce remarkable health benefits in our bodies with zero to negligible side effects.

Apart from regulating our immune health, Thymalin is also seen to have marked effect on our cardiovascular, neural, and endocrine health as well. Thus, peptides like Thymalin have the potential of changing the course of diseases in our body and improving our overall health.

David Curry

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