Bringing the Travel Berkey While Hiking Will Keep You Safe Along With These Tips

Hiking is an exciting outdoor activity. It’s exhausting, but it’s also fulfilling. Even if you spent several hours walking outside, you wouldn’t mind taking the risk. You know that once the hike is over, it’s a huge milestone. If you’re trying to stay fit, hiking is also an excellent way to achieve your fitness goals. Since you’re walking in an area that you’re not familiar with, safety should be a priority. Make sure that you bring all the essential items, and it starts with the travel Berkey.

Staying hydrated during the entire trip is necessary. You need to have plenty of water with you to avoid dehydration. You don’t want the risk of getting dehydrated in the middle of nowhere. Asking for medical help could be challenging. If you don’t bring a sufficient amount of water, anything could happen. You can’t rely on freshwater sources like lakes and rivers since they might contain harmful chemicals and pollutants. Hence, it makes sense to bring the water filter. You need it to purify whatever water source you can find. Once the water already passed through the filter, it’s safe for drinking. Apart from bringing the water filter, these are other tips that will help you stay safe throughout your hike.

Make sure you’re fit to hike

There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from. Some of them are easy, while others are challenging. Find one that suits your level. For people who are used to hiking, difficult trails might be reasonable. If it’s your first time to go out on a long hike, you need to choose simple trails. You can step it up later when you’re more capable of doing more.

Always follow the trail

It might be tempting to see what else is out there, but you should avoid it. Make sure that you follow the trail and never stray away. If you have a guide, you should follow this person and don’t have things your way. You don’t know the entire area, and you might get lost. Even if you’ve been there before, you should still stick with your guide. If you feel like you’re already way behind everyone else, you need to step up. Avoid hiking with people who are experts since they might walk really fast. If you can’t keep up with them, you will be behind and probably get lost.

Only hike during the day

Hiking at night can be exciting. You might also see things that you usually wouldn’t do you during the day. However, if you plan to hike in a forest, it’s home to a variety of wild animals. Most of them are nocturnal, and they might attack you if you hike during nighttime. It’s also easier to get lost during this time since there’s no natural light available. Make sure that you finish hiking before the sunset. If it’s still a long way to go, you have to speed up.

Learn the basics

You should learn how to use the compass and read a map. You can’t rely on your phone to work and have internet access when you’re in the wild. Stick to the basics, and learn how to use them even if it’s your first time. When you get lost, you can easily find your way back if you know how to use the compass and follow the map. The group should also agree on signals to locate people who are lost. It’s easier to search for missing individuals using these signals.

Inform someone you know

You might have heard of stories about people who got lost while hiking. Some of them died, and their bodies were never found. Therefore, it pays to inform someone about your plans. If something goes wrong, the person you spoke with can inform the authorities about your possible locations. You should also keep providing information to your loved ones if your phone is still working. They can at least determine your last location if interviewed by the authorities. Rescuing you will be faster if they know where you are.

Always prepare for the weather

You need to know what the weather would be like during the day of your hike. If there are already weather forecasts that say the weather won’t be safe for hiking, you have to cancel your plans. It doesn’t matter if you already determined the details. You would rather stay home and be safe.

You should also speak with the local rangers to ask for permission to have the hiking trip. If you didn’t get permission, you shouldn’t push for it. These people know the area well, and they can give permission only if it’s safe. The weather might also change constantly. You should stay updated and still be willing to cancel your plans if necessary. If there’s a chance that it could rain, you need to wear your high boots so your feet will be protected. You should also bring a raincoat and an umbrella. Ask the guide if there’s an area where you can shelter in case it rains.

Protect yourself from the sun

You might not notice how hot it is if you’re enjoying the hiking trip. You also think about finishing your goal no matter what it takes. Once the hiking trip is over, you will realize that you already suffered from sunburn. Make sure that you use sunscreen before heading out. You should also look for potential shade if it gets too hot. If you think the weather is too hot for you, don’t hesitate to cancel your trip.

With these tips, you will stay safe throughout the hiking trip. You will also become an expert if you keep hiking. Try different hiking trails so you will know how challenging it could be. Even if there are some risks, going on this outdoor challenge can be fun. You might even find peace while walking outdoors. If you’re a beginner, never hike alone. Bring a friend who knows the place or is experienced in hiking.

Clare Louise

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