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The sanitizing spray leaves a feeling of clean and healthy skin. It is a dermatologically certified product.The sanitizing spray or gel is a very useful gift in this period where the fear of contagion is getting stronger. By giving a personalized sanitizing spray, you will help your customer care for their health and also promote your brand leaving a feeling of cleanliness and personal safety.

Personalized hand sanitizer spray

Let’s start from the basics to go and understand the differences together.

What is the difference between sanitizer and disinfectant?

The term “sanitize” means to make hygienic that is to clean a surface or an object by eliminating bacteria and harmful substances with the aim of making it more hygienic. You can opt for the iHerb Shipping and Return Policy  also if you buy the sanitization spray.


  • Disinfect means to sanitize but in a deeper way, that is, eliminating almost 99% of the bacteria present on a surface
  • In short, sanitizing eliminates many bacteria, disinfecting eliminates almost all of them
  • Personalized hand sanitizer spray
  • Prices and info sanitizing spray
  • Our sprays are therefore sanitizing and not disinfectant

This sanitizing spray is designed for the hands and is useful in all those situations where you do not have the possibility to use soap and water or to wash your hands frequently. Having it in your bag is therefore an excellent aid for hygiene and hand cleaning. We remind you that the use of this spray does not replace soap but can be a good help in cleaning hands.

Why do your hands have to be so clean?

The importance of washing hands is a topic that jumped to the headlines on the occasion of the spread of the flu virus, but for many years the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has shown that having clean hands is the most important factor to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Prices and info sanitizing spray

To remember the importance of this simple gesture, the information campaign promoted by the World Health Organization, “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands”, or rather save lives, wash your hands, also contributed.

And wash them well! In fact, cleaning is not always performed correctly: it is advisable to wash with liquid soap, rather than using solid soaps, because this guarantees greater hygiene; you have to lather well, especially the space between your fingers, where most of the germs nest and before rinsing, you should rub for almost a minute. Finally, hands should be dried with a jet of hot air, with disposable absorbent paper or with a towel (which, however, must not be used by others), to ensure that moisture does not stagnate, a factor that favors proliferation mushrooms.

Hand spray

Prices and info sanitizing spray

It is also possible to refill the sanitizing spray as many times as you want by simply unscrewing the cap of the spray, this allows those who receive it as a gift to use it multiple times, it is not a disposable object, this to respect the environment and limit its use of plastic.

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