Whenever you are planning to undergo a cosmetic procedure, there is a lot that you need to think about. There a lot of mixed emotions that one might feel of excitement and anxiety. The thought of the recovery process can be anxiety-provoking. But there are ways to have an excellent and fast recovery that is free from complications. The faster you heal, the lower are the chances of infection and any visible scarring. Cosmetic Surgeon Miami will give you a list of instructions to follow, helping you recover fast and healthy. But to make your recovery a fast one with the least discomfort, we are letting you in on some secrets.

Think of it as a vacation

After you have undergone any cosmetic procedure which requires downtime, think of your downtime as a much-needed staycation. Hire yourself a cleaner or a child or pet care, right after the surgery. This is necessary as you would require some time to get up and get going completely. You won’t be allowed to lift more than 10 pounds of weight for the first six weeks after the procedure. Not just that, you won’t be allowed to drive around if you have been prescribed strong pain medication. Having friends and family around can be helpful and an excellent way to spend time with them.

Always be on top of your pain management

With the advancement in technology, a lot of procedures now have downtime with minimal discomfort. But you still might want to be prepared for the first week. Any sensation of stretched and tight can could be due to the implants or the swelling of tissues. This is normal. Your surgeon would plan ahead of you by using long-acting anesthesia and prescribing you pain medication after the procedure. Nausea is also quite common after the procedure, so make sure you have anti-nausea medication as waking up after the anesthesia might make you feel queasy.

Take your restrictions seriously

Before undergoing the procedure, the surgeon would give you a list of things you can and cannot do after the procedure. You must take these recommendations seriously and follow those instructions to the T. You would have to wait for clearance from your surgeon before you can jump back to your exercise regimes, swimming, baths, and sex. Not being active can be quite frustrating, but being active when advised against can increase the risk of infections, bleeding, and other complications. It is not worth taking a risk. Take some time off, and you will be back to your regime sooner than you think.

Talk to your surgeon.

The surgeon will give you advice as to how to have a smooth and fast recovery. They would provide you with a list of instructions to follow. If you are a smoker, you would have to stop smoking as it could interfere with recovery. You would also be asked to follow a healthier lifestyle and make specific changes to your diet.

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