Cycling Gear: Why Is Wearing Cycling Jersey and Gloves a Must?

Australia is one of the best countries with a scenic view of gardens, parks, and so forth. It is also an excellent place for cycle races. So, if your hobby is cycling and if you want to enter into one of the major cycle races, you will have to look appropriate and the best. And from online stores, you can opt for a wide range of cycling clothing in Australia, like jerseys, gloves, jackets, and so forth. There are several benefits to purchasing cycling clothing, especially jerseys and gloves. So, read further to find out their benefits.

What are the benefits of wearing a jersey?

Resistant to Sweat

T-shirts are mostly made of polyester fabric, which can make you sweat easily. And when you sweat, your T-shirt gets heavier, and this impacts negatively on your pedalling. With sweaty armpits and waist, it might not be an enjoyable experience for you. But there are special clothes for all the cycling enthusiasts. When you opt for cycling jerseys, they absorb all the sweat from your waists and armpits. Most jerseys are made with moisture-absorbing fabric, including rayon, cotton, and lycra composite.

Resistant to the UV Rays

The harmful ultraviolet rays or UV rays can damage your skin, especially when you have to ride in hot and humid regions or during the summer. With the cycling jersey available, you can remain unperturbed since they will protect you from the UV rays making your summer rides comfortable and safe.

As per ongoing studies, researchers may have identified the UPF or ultraviolet protection factor fabric, and many jerseys are made from this material. This is especially true for the jersey with the woven fabric, as it has more UPF potential than the knitted fabric, which allows the woven fabric to keep the UV rays away.

Resistant to the Wind

Riding in the wind makes you faster with the jerseys. Your regular T-shirt doesn’t have much resistance to the wind compared to the cycling jerseys, as they are created to cut the strong winds and help you cycle forward with speed. But, you must zip up your jersey or jacket and wear glasses for aerodynamics resistance.

What are the benefits of cycling gloves?


Comfort is crucial while cycling, irrespective of the geographic and weather conditions. If the underside of your gloves is padded, it helps to cushion your hands from vibrations passing to you through the handlebar. When you ride, you might feel a little pressure on your median nerves and ulnar. As you entrap them, you may start feeling discomfort or pain in your fingers. The cycling gloves help control the bicycle, dampen the vibrations, and remove any discomfort while cycling.

Prevents Injury

Cyclists often tend to put excessive pressure on their hands. They often suffer from handlebar palsy due to nerve injury on the wrist. Sometimes the pain can get serious and even lead to damage of the nerves. So, if you want to reduce such injury, you must start wearing cycling gloves.


It is always good to be prepared rather than crashing or getting into an accident. After all, you can expect anything on open roads, and it is better to be cautious. Whenever a cyclist crashes, you must have noticed that they stick their hands out before falling to the ground. This is an instinctive action to guard one’s vital parts from impact. In these circumstances, the cycling gloves become useful since it helps in preventing painful abrasions and cuts.

Many cyclist enthusiasts tend to ignore the importance of jerseys and gloves. You can (and must) buy cycling clothing in Australia from any of the various online stores. Indeed, your look will be complete with the jerseys, gloves, jackets, and helmets. Most of all, wearing the clothing will undoubtedly ensure your safety.

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