Damage to the law and how to get rid of it

Damage to the law and how to get rid of it: The law spreads at certain times of the year, especially at the beginning of spring and summer, and increases in large numbers and causes damage to many people. Itching of the skin at the site of the mosquito repellent takes time to disappear, perhaps for several hours.

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Mosquito damage

The damages of the law do not stop when leaving an effect on the skin only, but some other types cause the transmission of serious diseases to humans, which may lead to death in some cases other than this. The law causes permanent anxiety, tension and discomfort during sleep and the continuous rise because of the pain caused by the law, which makes the person looking for Quick ways and solutions to get rid of the law and its damages.

Damage to the law

Perhaps you ask dear reader how the law nourishes people and we answer this question and say that the main food of the law is the blood of man and animals

The law absorbs human blood through a tube or hose located in the opening of its mouth and mosquitoes begin to cause a wound in the human skin and begins to secrete saliva, which is its function as a local anesthetic and for the absence of blood clotting.

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But these types that transmit these diseases do not exist in our regions, but they are found in tropical forests and very hot areas. As for the law in our homes, it often does not cause any diseases, and its harm is limited to the pain of stings, redness and swelling only. The serious diseases caused by mosquitoes in the tropical regions are:

Damage to the law on a person

Malaria disease: This disease is one of the most dangerous diseases that caused the preparation of a very large death over time and the law is one of the main insects that transmit this disease to humans, but due to awareness and avoiding the dangers of the law and because of the great progress in medicine, there is control over this disease and this disease is spent in some African countries have a large number of animals and threatened livestock. The first credit, after God, to the decline of this disease was for scientists who sought to eliminate the main source of this disease, which is mosquitoes and their gatherings.

Yellow fever disease: This disease is also dangerous, but it is less than malaria and is caused by a specific type of mosquito. It leaves an impact on the skin and its treatment is simple, but the biggest danger is that it will be neglected or not discovered until it spreads and causes severe risk and fatigue.

Ways to get rid of the law at home

There are several ways to get rid of the presence of the law in homes, and there are two methods for this, they are as follows:

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First: the usual and commercial solutions such as

Mosquito net: It is a method that does not affect the environment and does not have any damages. It is a large piece of soft, transparent fabric and has a fixed ceiling of cardboard or cut from the metal and is surrounded by bedding and clasped by it and prevents the law from reaching the human being.

Damage to the law

Lightning strikes: It is a trap that conducts electricity and has an electric charge and a dim lighting lamp that works to turn off the surrounding lights. The light of the thunderbolt remains only and when the law goes to light, he is shocked and dies instantly upon his contact with him.

Damage to the law

Manual rackets: They are plastic rackets that have a hand on which the person hits the law.

Cream repellent to the law: This cream is placed on exposed areas of the human body, such as the feet, hands and face, and causes the law to be expelled and removed due to the presence of its own scent that repels mosquitoes.

Second: herbs that use mosquito repellents

There are many herbs that repel the law thanks to the strong smell that results from them and they are not likable in relation to the law and alienate them and leave these places where these herbs are found. Examples of these herbs are:

Mint herbs: We know that mint has a strong and strong aroma and is loved by us, but for the law it is bad and cannot bear the presence of places where mint is present. Some fresh or dried mint leaves are placed in plastic bags and attached to the doors of the rooms or on the windows.

Lavender herbs: The lavender plant is distinguished by its beautiful strong aroma, which is also one of the scents that the law hates, dries and spreads in flower pots and gives an attractive list to the home and at the same time expels the law permanently.

Basil herbs: Many of us plant basil in our home in the special pots of agriculture because of its very beautiful smell, these pots can be placed as they are on the windows of the house to prevent the law from entering the house.


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