Dating in Sydney, How to Find the One!

So you’re new to Sydney and realize it’s not enough having the sun and the beach but also a relationship. You’ve already given up on waiting for Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise to fly in with their private jets, crash your house party and sweep you off your feet so it’s time to get real! Here are some easy tips that will help you find the one in Sydney:

1) Find a place where singles hang out such as bars, restaurants, sports events or see if there is a ‘single’ scene for your age group (e.g. 40 somethings). This will be your best bet when trying to find somebody in Sydney since it reduces the risk of online dating scams that prey on lonely men and women.

2) If you are too shy to approach someone in public at least introduce yourself with a smile. Sydney is full of tourists so there is no shortage of people looking to meet new friends or even romance! A great way to find the one, especially if you’re not into sports, is a dog walking. Many dog owners go on daily walks and it’s easier for them to talk that while running on the treadmill at the gym! Everyone loves dogs which means more puppy kisses if things go well :-).  

3) Look into online dating such as eHarmony or RSVP where they will match you up with single professionals aged 30+. You can then choose whether or not you want to meet them based on their profile photos and a brief bio. Alternatively, there are plenty of dating websites that specialize in finding singles for specific purposes such as casual relationships or long-term relationships.

4) Make sure you have a positive attitude and solid lifestyle before going into the dating scene with an open mind! A good sense of humor will help a lot when it comes to cracking a joke on a bad date and never be afraid to show your vulnerability since being single is hard work  – it’s easy to lose hope especially on Valentine’s Day but don’t despair, it’ll happen for you too one day!


5) Who knows? You might even find your future spouse in Sydney! It has happened to many before you so don’t lose hope.  However, if things still aren’t working out remember there are plenty of other singles in this country so keep an open mind and don’t give up until you find the one for you! Good luck with your quest

6) Worst comes to worst? There are always fun things like speed dating or mixers where meeting new people isn’t which means no pressure to act cool and casual. There is no reason why you can’t find the one in Sydney!

7) If you do meet the one but are only visiting Sydney for a short period of time it’s best to ask them whether they are looking for something serious or casual. If you want a long-term relationship and your date isn’t considering relocating, then breaking up before they leave is the way to go! Meeting and breaking up in person can be hard and there might not be another chance after that, especially if things end on bad terms which could create some awkwardness while they’re still around.

8) Meet your date in a public place, even if you trust them 100%. This is better for both of you since the other person can leave anytime they want to. You don’t want to be stuck with somebody who turns out to be bad news or scary!

9) If it’s meant to be then things will work out on their own so never force it into working.   Things will fall into place when the time is right!  A good tip is not to meet anybody within 6 weeks of ending a relationship – the heartbreak might still be too fresh so wait until you’re ready before jumping back onto the dating scene.

10) Good luck and most importantly have fun!!! These are my top tips for finding someone in Sydney so let me know what you think, hopefully, it will be useful for anybody who is new to the city or finding themselves alone.


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