Different types of jobs available for the graduates

The students who finish any type of course from a recognized college is called as a graduate. Most jobs are available to the graduates only in these days. A person who is not graduated have minimal job opportunities and have minimum salary. The companies would like to hire the students in the college placements when they are about to complete their graduation. Most companies hire the fresher who recently complete their course. Thecompanies hire the students by the campus placements at the final year of their course. The companies would choose the students with thedecent communication skills and satisfactoryeducational background. The companies think that appointing such students would increasethe company growth. The students can get jobs from different agencies like singapore job agency if they are not selected in their campus placements. The graduates who complete their graduation have more job opportunities as the companies can hire them andtrain to mold the graduates according to their requirement.If the companies hire the fresh graduates,they work with more energy  and provide good success to the company. And the other reason would be the salary, the recently graduated personis given less salary thantheexperiencedjob holder. And the effort made by the fresher and the seniors would be almost same. So the company always prefer to hire thefresher to save the money

How do the job agencies work?

  • Firstly the employee should consult the agencythrough which they want to get a job. If you want to get a job in a particular field always consult the agency dealing with that field.The job agency provides employees to the employer and also provides job opportunities to the Employees.If the employer comes for the employees then the agencies advertise the requirements of employer on there social media or
  • When the candidates visit the agency website or social media they can consult the agency for the job availability. If the jobs are available the person can go and directly meet the agency staff about the recruitment. The agency will tell about the process of recruitment and may hold an interview.
  • The interview process is conducted if many candidates apply for the job. The employer wouldselect the candidates according to their requirement or based on their academic performance or
  • If you are selected in the interview then you can ask for the salary package and also the job timings. The complete paperwork is done by the agencies and are submitted to the employer.The job agencies also fix the contract between the employer and employee. Even the termination process of the employee is done by the job agency based on the company orders.
  • The job agency is like abridge between the employer and employee. The agency satisfies the Expectations of both employer and employees. Until the employee quit the job the complete responsibility of that employee is taken by the job agency.


Hope you are clear with the process of getting a job through the job agency.

Sheri gill

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