Different ways you can take CBD

Have you been thinking about trying cannabidiol (CBD)? it’s a very effective remedy for a variety of ailments, from anxiety to physical pain. There’s no doubt that its legalization brought great relief to many people, but the flip side of that is that the market is now so saturated with products that it’s difficult to know what you should choose.

What do you want it to do?

The first thing you should consider is what you want CBD to do for you. If you have localized pain near the surface of your body, a topical preparation is best. If you’re seeking fast-acting relief, vaping it or absorbing it through your tongue is the most efficient way to get it into your system. For lasting relief, eating it is better, as it will slowly be absorbed into your body over time.

As well as thinking about the best delivery method, you’ll need to identify the strain that works for you. This list of the best CBD strains is a great place to start, helping you to establish what works best for different types of ailment, but reactions vary a lot between individuals, so if the first thing you try doesn’t work out, go back to the CBD strains list and try another.

Eat it in a snack

There are lots of delicious foods out there containing CBD, and you can also bake your own by adding small amounts of oil to standard recipes. Make individual portions as this makes it much easier to control the dose. Be aware that it may make you sleepy.

Take it in a capsule

Not everyone likes the taste of CBD, and some capsules enable it to be delivered to specific parts of the gut, giving you more control. You can take a capsule at any time, and there’s no need to eat when you do so.

Vape it

Several different brands of flavored CBD oil are available for vaping and when you take it this way, a little goes a long way. It’s easy to adjust the dose and, because it’s absorbed quickly, it’s good for managing acute pain.

Absorb it through your tongue

Although you’ll have to be okay with the taste, which is quite strong, placing a drop of CBD oil under your tongue is another fast way to get results. Alternatively, you can apply a spray to the same area. That is very discreet and easy to do.

Take a suppository

If you’re taking CBD for menstrual pain or anal pain (e.g. hemorrhoids), the simplest approach is to use a suppository so that it goes directly to where it’s needed. It’s best to do this when lying down and to rest for ten minutes afterwards, so that gravity doesn’t make it come straight back out as it melts.

Rub it on your skin

If you have localized pain such as a stiff neck or bruised elbow, massaging a little CBD oil into the skin can help a lot. You’ll find a variety of ointments which make this easier and give you different scent options.

Whichever way you choose to take it, CBD is a powerful treatment with few side effects, and a great deal safer than many pharmaceutical preparations.

Clare Louise

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