Discover the best FPGA solutions by Reflex CES

Reflex CES is a high-end electronic solution integrator based on reprogrammable semiconductor technology: FPGA. These solutions meet the most stringent technological criteria and are aimed at industries that require a high degree of computing power, such as defence, Big Data, finance, autonomous vehicles, and IoT. Reflex CES provides a comprehensive selection of catalogue products, custom-made products, and turnkey solutions.


Ascend to the position of worldwide technical leader in the high-end FPGA market.

Reflex CES’s distinct position places the company among the forerunners in benefiting from the rapid rise of the most modern technologies. Reflex CES will concentrate on I diversifying its customer base, (ii) developing partnerships with blue-chip customers, and (iii) accelerating its worldwide expansion, particularly in the United States.


REFLEX CES coupled their extensive FPGA experience with their embedded understanding to build Modules that are exactly suited to your requirements. These System-on-Modules (SoMs) can be employed in a variety of embedded applications.

PCIe Adapters

The extensive REFLEX CES roadmap of PCIe boards (a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard) based on FPGAs provides you with a wide range of options for your projects and advancements. Their PCIe boards are suitable for a wide range of embedded applications.

MOTS & Custom

The development of full turnkey designs or custom solutions based on clients’ individual requirements accounts for 60% of REFLEX CES activity. They have the technological skills to address entire systems along with fractional design services such as firmware, software, hardware, mechanical, PCB stacking definition, CAD P&R, signal integrity with Hyperlynx simulations, certifications, and more.

They are building various projects using cutting-edge technology to provide the customers with faster, safer, and more cost-effective access to implement their projects and catch the product cycle and market deployment.

They have also gained experience working with ruggedized and rack-straddling systems. REFLEX CES may create customised solutions to meet unique customer requirements for example ruggedized level, form factor, or environmental qualification (vibration, thermal, MTBF, shock, and more).

Achilles FPGA SoC System-On-Module is a special highlight.

ReFLEX CES will highlight its new Achilles (Arria 10 SoC) System-On-Module, which features four standardised FMC interfaces to provide consumers with a one-of-a-kind, versatile, and fast-designing high-end solution. The highest density FPGA-SoC device, exceptional signal integrity, an unequal number of IOs, and a variety of additional features give developers with the best in class experience.

Achilles is aiming for a diverse set of markets, including video broadcast, intelligent and machine vision, high-end industrial, military, test and measurement, and medical.

ReFLEX CES will also showcase its OpenCL BSP Reference Designs, such as High Performance Computing (HPC) and 10G MAC, on its Arria 10 GX PCIe board (for Low Latency applications).

This allows users who are unfamiliar with FPGAs and their design cycle, such as software developers, to quickly and easily implement sophisticated parallel algorithms on a 100 percent FPGA accelerator target.


FPGA solutions by Reflex CES technology provides an unparalleled degree of system bandwidth with enhanced signal integrity by using the benefits of cutting-edge production technologies, proven transceiver and memory interface technology. When combined with the experience of the ReFLEX CES, the created boards ensure clients have continual access to the best on the market.


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