Do You Have What it Takes To Be a Doctor?

Everyone knows that becoming a doctor is no simple feat. It requires dedication, hard work and some specific personality traits. How do you know whether or not you could become a talented physician like Rachel Tobin Yale?

You Are Considerate and Attentive

Good doctors use the expertise and experience they gained in their studies in medical schools like the Duke Program to provide care to patients. Great doctors pay attention to what their patients are saying before they make judgments. If you are practiced in active listening in your everyday life, you have one of the most important skills you will need to be a competent doctor.

You Recognize That You Cannot Know Everything

Both Socrates and Confucius knew that wisdom comes from identifying what you do not know. You probably know people who try to answer every question, regardless of whether or not they actually understand the subject matter. If you are able to say “let me find out the answer” when you are not sure about something, you will excel in medical school and beyond.

You Are Empathetic

Empathy is as important as intelligence in the medical profession. Excellent “bedside manner” is vital. To provide the best service to your patients, you need to examine their mental health as much as their physical health, as the two are always connected. If your friends and loved ones often tell you that you are compassionate, you possess a trait that all doctors must have. 

You Can Avoid “Imposter Syndrome”

It is natural to lack confidence in your abilities, especially when you are just starting out in your career. People in all fields may suffer from “imposter syndrome,” where they feel that they are not qualified or skilled enough to do their jobs.

In order to become a doctor, you will build a great deal of knowledge in medical school and your internship. You will have the skills you need to succeed if you work hard, so try to believe in yourself. 

Paul Petersen

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