Does Your Car Insurance Cover Damages Due to Monsoon?

Every year, car owners in India spend a significant amount on the maintenance and repairs of their vehicles during the monsoon. Hence, it is paramount that you take the necessary insurance coverage to minimise the losses.

The onset of the monsoons brings great joy for the people as it brings with it the pleasant showers and ends the heatwave. But, it is not so much good news for the car owners. After all, the heavy rains, flooded streets, and pothole-ridden roads can damage the car, and the repair cost can be too much to pay from your pocket.

You may think that your car insurance will cover the losses, but you must know that a standard policy may not always cover monsoon-specific damages. For instance, damages to the engine due to the water ingression may not be covered. Similarly, you may not get compensation for the repair and replacement of the parts damaged due to monsoon under thestandard car insurance coverage.

Thus, there is no monsoon-specific coverage for cars. However, you can purchase a few add-ons covers that will come in handy during the monsoon and reduce your losses. You can consider buying the following add-ons:

Zero-depreciation cover

The insurance companies, at the time of determining the actual claim amount payable to the policyholder, depreciate the vehicle parts that require repair or replacement, depending on the type, age and make of the part. However, if you opt for a zero-depreciation cover, which is also referred to as a depreciation shield, the insurers don’t consider the depreciation factor and settle the full claim amount subject to the maximum declared value.

Thus, this add-on helps you negate any major cost that you may have to pay from your pocket otherwise.

Roadside assistance cover

During the monsoon, sudden breakdowns of the car are quite common. So, if you use your vehicle for daily travel to work, roadside assistance cover would be suitable. Under this cover, the insurance companies provide services like on-site mechanical breakdown, tyre replacement or fixing tyre burst, battery jump-start, refuelling, etc.

In adverse cases, the insurance companies also provide towing service to take your car to the nearest network garage for repairs.

Engine protection cover

During the monsoon season, damages to the car engine due to water ingression is common, especially in the flood-prone areas. When water enters the engine due to waterlogging on the road or heavy rains, the engine parts get damaged. With an engine protection cover, you can get compensation for the damages to the car engine. Also, under this add-on cover, you also get compensation for the damages to the gearbox.

Remember, repairing the engine or replacing the parts of the engine can be expensive; the cost can run up to several thousand Rupees (depending on the make and type of the engine).

Apart from the above add-on covers, many experts suggest that buying a ‘return to invoice’ rider will be a valuable addition to your car insurance kitty. Under this cover, the insurance company will compensate the actual value of the vehicle at the time of purchase in the event of a total loss, which means your car gets damaged beyond repair.

Now that you are aware of the important car insurance chicago add-ons you must-have during the monsoon to get protection against the damages, it would help to know a few tips to take care of your car during the rainy season.

  • Try to stay off the road as much as possible during heavy rains, and avoid driving through areas where waterlogging is a frequent issue.
  • While driving in the rain, maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you, as braking can be affected due to wet roads
  • Before taking your car out in the monsoon, do a thorough safety check-up of the vehicle, including tyres, brakes, wipers, etc.

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