Drug Addiction and Recovery for Delray Beach and Southern Florida

Delray Beach has long been known as a beautiful Southeast Florida town with plenty to offer its residents, from the obvious beachfront options to arts, entertainment and business. But like many other parts of Southern Florida, this delightful little community has had more than its share of trouble with drug abuse and addiction. The good news is that individuals seeking drug detox in Delray Beach FL can make use of a variety of programs and resources to help them overcome their dependencies and avoid relapses.

Drug Abuse and Addiction: An Ongoing Threat to Southern Florida Residents

The issue of addiction is nothing new to Delray Beach, Florida or the country. As headlines across the nation have made abundantly clear, the U.S. has been in the throes of an opioid epidemic for some time. Many of these drugs take the form of legally administered prescription painkillers, while others can be found in the street in the forms of heroin or illegally-obtained synthetic narcotics such as fentanyl.

In Florida, the rate of opioid prescriptions has dropped significantly over the past few years, while general drug overdoses in Delray Beach have also declined since 2017. But these declines have yet to make up completely for the 80-percent spike in fentanyl-related deaths, and the dramatic rise in heroin-related deaths, reported in 2016. Art that time, 44 percent of all drug-related deaths in Florida also involved alcohol, another popular substance for abuse.

Drug Detox in Delray Beach FL: Options and Strategies

If you are in need of drug detox in Delray FL, don’t try to do it yourself; this choice prove extremely harmful or even deadly. Instead, submit to a careful medical evaluation and medically supervised program at a reputable detox and rehabilitation clinic. Also, a medical assisted treatment clinic can help determine the needs of each patient and offer the the most suitable treatment for the patient. These professionals understand how to minimize your discomfort and ease you through Percocet withdrawal as safely as possible.

Individuals struggling with addiction may also be struggling with the triggers that provoked the abuse of drugs in the first place. That’s why it often makes good sense for these individuals to take themselves out of those circumstances by spending time in a different setting altogether — one in which they can receive professional care and counseling as well as group support. A rehab center that offers sober residential facilities can provide a safe, positive environment in which recovering addicts can develop new attitudes and behavior patterns. Outdoor options such as equine therapy can add an extra level by reconnecting residents with the natural world — a resource that can be enjoyed to the fullest in beautiful Delray Beach.

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