Easter Holidays: 2021

With the pandemic restrictions still keeping most of us indoors and limited in our options, the Easter holidays this year are looking like another challenge. Today we’re taking a look at some of the things you can do this year to keep your family entertained and occupied, and make the holiday feel like something special.

Crafting Together

Working on a big craft project together is a great way to spend time as a family. You’ll have to pick the project quite carefully though. If you get a regular craft box for adults subscription then you might not be able to share it right away with young children.

Think about something you can all work on together, or, alternatively, child-friendly versions of your crafts. Even if you’re not all contributing to the same project it can be a good bonding experience to all be working together at the same time (and allow you to supervise younger children with scissors and glue!). If you’re working on some more complex papercrafting like a scrapbook, starting your kids on paper weaving keeps them occupied and happy and starts to teach them the fundamentals of skills you mastered long ago!

Getting Outdoors

Spring may be taking a while to heat up, but that’s no reason not to get outside. Taking the family for a walk – with a bit more flexibility as the government’s “stay at home” advice is planned to switch to “stay local” on the 29th of March in England. Taking a walk and looking for signs of spring is great exercise for your children, good for your mental health too, and possible even if your local green space is limited. Even looking at the leaves slowly opening on street trees and spotting flowers in people’s front gardens is a good way to connect with nature and if you have even a small local park, your opportunities increase tenfold!

Seeing Family

By the 29th of March the rule of six will be back, meaning up to six people (or a maximum of two households) can meet in outdoor settings including private gardens. If you’ve been missing your family, and you have grandparents eager to see grandchildren, the pandemic regulation relaxations in the run up to Easter give you a great opportunity.

Stay Flexible

Unfortunately none of these rule changes are set in stone – given how quickly the situation can change, they can’t be! When you’re making plans try to bear in mind the possibility you’ll have to cancel them. If you’re not alert to this sad risk, then any last minute change will hit you all the harder and could make Easter a sad and disappointing time.

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