Easy to Follow Guidelines to Ride an Electric Skateboard

Many feel that riding on the skateboard isn’t easy however the truth is that it can be ridden easily without any hitch. In the market, there are now well functioning electric skateboards that is convenient to learn riding fast. All you need is expert guidance from skilled skateboard users.

Firstly, understand the difference between electric and regular skateboard:

  • The skateboard operating using electric mode is usually similar to a normal skateboard in appearance however most of them are longer in size.
  • The major dissimilarity is that electric boards have one or more battery-powered motor to function smoothly. The normal skateboard needs to be propelled by feet.
  • The motor-based board has a remote control and it has a throttle to easily accelerate and to brake. Some advanced models of the electric board have LED display that helps to understand important functions like speed, riding mode, battery levels and other functions.
  • The electric-based functioning boards are faster than the regular ones. They can travel more than 20MPH. It doesn’t take any effort to move uphill while using electric boards and can commute longer distances.
  • The only issue a user of the electric board finds is that the battery and motors weigh the board down.

The electric skateboard with remote is the most popularly sold board model as they are quite beneficial to move on road with ease. You can find the best of them from Maxfind Micro Mobility online shops.

Tips to ride electric board skillfully:

  • It is always easier for people who have already experienced riding a normal skateboard. Firstly, need to wear proper safety kind of equipment like helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. It helps to keep you safe from severe injuries.  You need to wear the right headgear that fits well otherwise it may not be comfortable to wear and a too tight helmet may hurt your head.
  • You need to remember that an electric board is much faster than a regular skateboard. Hence, you need to have a perfect footwear that covers your feet fully and don’t wear sandals. Many prefer to wear cushioned shoes as they reduce the impact of road vibration you feel while propelling the skateboard.
  • You need to check the skateboard trucks and settings regularly. They should be tight to balance well and not wobble on the road. It is most beneficial to familiarize yourself with the functions of remote control and it should be always connected with the board.
  • Your perfect skateboard stance helps you to move smoothly on the road. It will be helpful to bend your knee a little to stay balanced on the board. You don’t have to kick-push as you do in regular boards. Pushing slightly with one foot is enough to start the ride on the skateboard.
  • Bending your knee and leaning forward while in the turns helps to maintain your balance. You can shift your weight backward to stress on back wheels. It helps the front wheels to lift and turn wherever the rider prefers to ride.
  • You can lean back a little before applying the brake using a remote. You can bend your knees a little to help balance your body.

You can log in to the Pinterest webpage of MaxFind Micro Mobility to know in detail about electric skateboard functions and benefits.

Clare Louise

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