Electric Toothbrush: Different Type of Heads for cleaning the Teeth

The appearance of the face matters a lot and in the same, teeth play a crucial role. Teeth enhance the personality, if and only if it is shining and white. To achieve this goal, many users brush the teeth twice to avoid the gum’s problem and to prevent plaque from the gum line. In this method, they have changed varieties of brushes form the classical one to an electrical one like Oral B Replacement Heads. Well, all have some special characteristics and give a good result. Along the same line, an electric brush with replacement toothbrush hit the floor and the features of the same are amazing.

According to American Dental Association, the toothbrush must have soft bristles that can prevent gum problems especially swelling of the gum and in the race of toothbrush, the electric brush comprising replacement brush heads leads and also got the certification from ADA. The features of the same are outstanding and one of the same is the round-shaped bristle that smoothens the gums. However, the other toothbrush that is having square bristles may lead to oral problems. So, considering the health factor, many firms have launched the brushes with round tip bristle to give more comfort to the users.

What are the Types & Benefits of Replacement Brush Heads?

  • The brush vibrates that removes the plague and other germs quickly.
  • The brush is featured with the timer that helps you to utilize that much of the time which is required to remove the plague.
  • The replacement feature of an electric brush is outstanding as you can easily replace the brush head when the former one gets wasted and the usual time for the replacement is 3 months.
  • As per the recent report published by the Dental Association, it is found that the people focus more on electric brushes amid cleaning the teeth.
  • The kids usually avoid cleaning the teeth but if they get such a brush that vibrates, then they will enjoy the brushing. So, concerning kids, an electric brush is in demand.


So, these were all about the electric toothbrush. The price of the same varies as per the model and the replacement head brush cost more as it comes with the package. So, to get the right replacement brush head is not an easy task might be you won’t get the same in the local store or the brand that you are using is not available. So, you can go for an online mode for a replacement head brush. 

David Curry

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