Everyone’s Favorite Dessert For All Time in Emoji

Desserts have been everyone’s staple dish in every event. It’s a sweet course to be taken at every end of the meal. With the continued technology advancement, we could have a picture of our favorite desserts in just one tap on your phone. It’s a mouth-watering dish that every time you see it, you had the imagination of munching it.

We now use these emojis as part of greetings like on birthdays and if you want to eat something, send this emoji, and people will know what you want to eat. An occasion will not be complete without this digital or face to face. Below are some favorite desserts that we always love to eat:

Birthday Cake Emoji

Send this without the actual message “happy birthday” the person you greeted will already know what it means. It is a text substitute but in a more creative way. This birthday cake emoji varies in every platform, like their colors and design, but conveys the same message. 

You can also use this if you want someone to give this to you or buy it. It is also commonly used by Pastry chefs when they wish to promote a new cake dish. If selling online, you can use this cake emoji to add an artsy feel to your message or your post. Some companies also sent this out for employees who celebrate their birthday. 

Chocolate Bar Emoji

Oh! This is one of the most favorite desserts for every woman. They love to eat this, especially when having PMS cravings. Send this to your boyfriend, and they will surely buy it. This is also a romantic gesture together with flowers when sent to your partner. Chocolate manufacturing companies also use this on their various social media promotions. 

You can also use this if you’re in a famous country which makes chocolates like Switzerland and Belgium. Sometimes, people use this emoji to show the color of skin, hair, or lipstick. There’s no other meaning for this emoji, but rather than just conveying that it is a bar of chocolate.

Ice Cream Emoji

This emoji is very famous every summer, where the weather is hot, and you need to have some cold dessert. Like chocolates, some companies use this for their social media promotions and even on email blasting to their customers. But, usually, people use this if they want to eat ice cream in hot weather. 

This emoji can also be used if you want to treat someone to a scoop of ice cream. Ice cream can also be used in sexual exchanges with your partner. If you also want to cool down after your temper gets out of control, you can use this emoji on your social media, and everyone will understand it.

Cupcake Emoji

You can send this to someone if you want them to know that they are sweet and adorable. Commonly used in baking, cupcakes have been everyone’s favorite. You can use this together with a birthday cake if you want to greet someone on their birthday. This is also used as a sweet gesture because of its cute picture. 

Lollipop Emoji

If you use this, it will also convey a treat for kids. This is very famous for Halloween parties and Christmas celebrations. With its colorful picture, some people use this paired with a Unicorn for a party theme. For adults, they use this to let someone know that they want to lick it in a sexual context.

Shortcake Emoji

Like any dessert emoji, people use this for celebrations. If you also crave this food, you can also use this. This emoji shows a piece of cake, a slice of a cake with a strawberry on top. It can refer to someone who is hungry and wants to eat this dessert. In Japan, they commonly used this because most of their cakes are topped with their favorite fruit.

Doughnut Emoji

Who does not love this dessert? In the US, Donuts is the most favorite dessert of Americans. It can also mean a donut party theme. This is also one of the favorite breakfast foods of some people, which represents nutritious food. Some people use this to tell someone that they are stupid. In a sexual context, people use this to show a hole. 

Pie Emoji

This emoji, compared to others, has another version on other platforms. For example, on Apple devices, this pie emoji is in the pan, and on Twitter, you can see a sliced portion of a pie. One thing for sure that comes to your mind when mentioning a pie. It’s a sweet dessert, but there’s a pie inside of it with vegetables and meat. 


Emojis mentioned here can be useful on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even a date since these desserts are usually served on the table. It will also give joy to the children.

Clare Louise

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