Everything Minecraft players should know about Minecraft Zombie Villages

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If you are one who loves to play Minecraft, then there are lots of things you should know about Minecraft Zombie Villages. Minecraft is one of the best oldest games that many gamers still love to play. As you are the Minecraft player who plays Minecraft all the time, you will know what Minecraft Zombie Villages are.

Zombie villages are rear villages of Minecraft. The zombie villages look completely ruined and empty; Minecraft players can clearly assume that zombies destroyed these zombie villages. Visuals of zombie villages are different from regular villages of Minecraft; the first difference that a Minecraft player will notice is obtrusive cobwebs that cover every object that exists in the village.

Just like this, there are many things about zombie village that a Minecraft player probably doesn’t know. Minecraft players will get to know everything about Minecraft Zombie Villages through this article. So stay still and read this article till the end.

Location of Zombie Villages.

The zombie villages are located in the exact location where the regular villages of Minecraft are located. 

If the Minecraft player is playing the Minecraft Java Edition, then there are only 2% chances that the player will get to see a zombie village.

And if the Minecraft player is playing the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, then significantly, there is only a 25% to 30% chance that the player will get to see a Zombie village. 

So yes, Minecraft players playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition have more chance of seeing the zombie village than Minecraft players playing Minecraft Java Edition. There is no valid reason for this discrimination.

Unique features of Zombie Villages.

There are some unique features of zombie villages that a Minecraft player will not see in regular villages of Minecraft.

  • The villagers that a player will see in zombie villages are Zombie Villagers who are ready to kill the player’s Minecraft character. 
  • The player will not see any zombie villagers in the zombie village in the daytime as zombie villagers hide under the shade because the zombie villagers are susceptible to the sun’s light. So if players want to see zombie villagers, visit zombie village at night time.
  • Cobblestone blocks of the regular village will become different when the regular village transforms into a zombie village. In a zombie village, cobblestone blocks will become mossy cobblestone blocks.
  • When a regular village transforms into a zombie village, many blocks will get replaced with cobwebs.
  • When the player visits the zombie village, they will see stray cats that look scary and give the zombie village a more horrific look.
  • When a regular village transforms into a zombie village, all glass panes of every house will transform into brown stain glass panes. These brown stain glass panes give zombie village a horrific vibe.
  • If a player killed any zombie villager, then the body of that dead zombie will not disappear. This is one of the best features of zombie village.
  • For some reason, if a player visits any zombie village, the player will find any Iron Golems.

Zombie Villager Spawning.

There is only a 5% chance that zombie villagers will appear in any global land area with plants, animals, and climate. So to see zombie villagers, the player has to fount out an area or landmark mostly filled with plants, animals, and climate. 

There is a 0% chance in Easy mode, whereas there is a 50% chance in Normal mode and 100% in Hard mode. Igloo basements and abandoned settlements are always good places to find a Cleric Zombie Villager. In addition, Zombie Villagers have a 5% chance of spawning as a baby form.

The behavior of Zombie Villagers.

If any Minecraft player thinks the behavior of zombie villagers will differ from the behavior of regular villagers, then no, you are thinking wrong. The behavior of zombie villagers is clearly the same as the behavior of regular villagers.

But there will be one difference between zombie villagers and regular villagers: zombie villagers will have their type of profession and living style. Unlike other mobs of Minecraft, Zombie villagers will start following players from 40 blocks radius. 

To create a massive threat to the ordinary village, the zombie villagers will start their attack by attacking ordinary villagers, Iron Golems, and Wandering Merchants. And most important thing comes that the Minecraft player should know. If the zombie villagers kill all the Iron Golems entirely, then zombie villagers will win the attack and take over the ordinary village.

Curing the Zombie Villagers.

As you know, if any zombie villager attacks or kills any regular villager, that ordinary villager will also become a zombie villager. Just like this thing, there is one more thing you should know: you can also cure any zombie villager. 

Curing zombie villagers will transform them back into regular villagers. Curing a zombie villager is simple and easy. 

To start, find the zombie villager and a secure location where the zombie villager can get cured. The player must ensure that a fence separates us from the zombie villager so that it does not attack the player while the player is attempting to cure it.

The player has to throw the Splash Potion of Weakness at the zombie villager. Throwing Splash Potion will make zombie villagers weak. 

Now, as the player has weakened the zombie villager, the player has to select a golden apple from the player’s Hotbar. The grey particles that float around the zombie villager will turn red. This indicates that the zombie villager is being cured. 

In 4 minutes, the Zombie villager will get cured and transform back to the regular villager. See this how simple and easy process of curing any zombie villager.

Final Words.

Zombie Village is one of the best and most horrific villages of Minecraft. Zombie village has many things hidden that most Minecraft will probably don’t know about. Today, I told everything Minecraft players should know about Minecraft zombie villages in this article.

Alison Lurie

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