Facts About Treatment Options for Skin Spot Removal

Many people suffer from unsightly skin. Skin blemishes might be due to over-exposure to the sun, leading to spots on the skin. Others have acne or skin-related conditions like rosacea. These imperfections on the skin can make one feel self-conscious about exposing that skin in public, but happily, doctors can recommend several safe and effective treatment options for patients. 

Laser Treatment

In Laser Spot Removal Canton MA light treatment, the doctor will aim the laser at the dark spot, and the instrument will release laser light, which the site absorbs, eventually causing the skin’s surface to shed off the area. Benefits include quick and effective treatment, although dark spots can return if the patient spends time in the sun without skin protection after recovery from laser treatment.

Freezing Treatment

With this skincare treatment, known as cryotherapy, the physician applies the liquid nitrogen to the spots on the skin. Cryotherapy causes the areas to freeze, allowing new skin to form under the treated area, and the body sheds the dead blemished skin from the upper area. Noted as a quick treatment method, cryotherapy can improve the appearance of dark spots. In addition, patients benefit from a low incidence of scarring from this type of treatment.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Many patients choose microdermabrasion for spot removal. The doctor or technician uses a wand with a built-in vacuum and an abrading tip at the end. They place the device on the spot, and the vacuum draws the skin within contact with the tip, which gently removes the top layer of skin. After treatment, most patients see a reduction in age spots and bright skin with fewer fine lines.

Chemical Treatment

This treatment, which utilizes chemical peels, is applied to dark skin spots. When the peel is removed from the skin, the layer of dead skin comes with it. As a result, skin blemishes can be less visible after treatment and recovery.

Discuss with your doctor treatment options for skin spot removal. They can offer the best advice for your particular skin and health needs while providing additional information about the procedure you select.

Alison Lurie

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