Five Best Stretching Exercises for Track and Field Athletes

If you are an athlete, you know how much even the slightest jog can have you cramping up without a good stretch. Any athlete will tell you, the best counterattack against such a possible workout scenario is a good stretch before and after exercise. Making sure you are hydrated, properly stretched, wearing running shoes, and Archtek Socks, should provide you with the support needed to stay out of the cramp-zone.

However, stretches are easier said than done, and many casual runners are not aware of the best pre and post running stretches. If this is you, then you are in luck. Here’s a look at the five best stretching exercises for track and field athletes to try out.

1. Runners Lunge

Lunging is a textbook stretch that every track and field athlete should be using. The Runners’ Lunge especially ranks highly since it’s beneficial to a plethora of muscles in the legs and hip. It’s also one of the most dynamic stretches since you can combine other stretches such as arm stretches to stimulate the upper body muscles. However, it’s best since it mimics the component of running at a slow and controlled speed.

2. Overhead Stretches

Overhead stretches rank best since they focus on the upper body strength and muscle for track and field athletes. An example is the arms overhead, which is a dynamic stretch that involves positioning your forearm close to your upper arm. You can finish off by pulling your elbow back or toward the head. Repeating after holding for 30 or more seconds further deepens such kind of dynamic overhead stretches.

3. Pigeon Pose

Another effective track stretching routine is the ultimate Pigeon pose, which focuses on your lower back, hips, or glutes. Here, you cross one leg with the other extended behind you. After, slowly stretch out your arms to the front while also lowering your body fully.

4. Arm Stretch

Arm stretches are often overlooked despite their importance. As one of the best stretching exercises for track and field athletes, arm stretches bring out the best in your shoulders, lats, and triceps muscles. For instance, the chest opener stretch is essential for shoulders and chest since it stretches the area muscles as far as possible. The Across Body Arm stretch is also a useful exercise that’s beneficial to the muscles at the upper back and behind the arms. This increases an athlete’s arm mobility on a daily basis.

5. Seated Stretches

Seated stretches are another exercise aspect overlooked due to the popularity of standing stretches. However, seated stretches, especially the seated hamstring stretch, indicate general body flexibility and muscle capabilities. In addition to straightening your hamstring flexibility, it’s also an excellent stretch for the lower back. It takes pressure off your lower back while straightening the upper back. But the best part is that it’s also among the most simple stretching exercises around since you only need to get seated.

Try Them Out

Stretching is an important aspect of an athlete’s routine means these exercises are a must-try for better flexibility and mobility. So, get out there and try starting out these five best stretching exercises before workouts.

Paul Petersen

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