Five Ways On How To Boost Your Feline Friend’s Immune System

Keeping your cat’s immune system healthy can help avoid health issues and shield it from illness. A balanced immune system is capable of recognizing and stopping invaders, such as viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. In order to safeguard and strengthen the immune system of your cat, try the following:


Exercise does a lot more to your feline companion than to make them lose weight and stay happy all day long. It also helps in improving immunity. Running around and playing tends to relieve tension in cats. Since stress is known to hinder the immune system in various ways, it may have a protective effect on immune health. Exercise also aims to boost immunity more specifically by creating a healthy body and avoiding obesity, which is related to decreased immune health.

Encouraging Play And Reducing Anxiety

Cats are delicate animals, typically subject to anxiety and stress, particularly during the first phase of adapting to a new home. Young kittens, in fact, appear to be nervous about their surrounding environments, like getting to know other pets that you might have, or pollution. Like humans, social anxiety and stress may have an effect on your kitten’s health and immune functions, particularly when their nutritional needs differ. Regular playtime and exercise combined with the best diet will also help to regulate the weight and body fat level of your cats, which helps to preserve a healthy body and immune system.

Proper Diet

The first layer of protection is always a safe and nutritious diet; it is the building pillar of wellbeing. If your feline friend eats heavily refined foods with little nutrients and artificial preservatives or contaminants, the immune system is drastically impaired. Fresh, nutritious and unprocessed food is the first step towards building a healthy immune system. Cat supplements and cat diets typically provide full nutrition for our cats.

Vitamins And Supplements

Apart from food and exercise, there are a variety of vitamins and supplements that can help improve your cat’s immune system. Multiple multivitamins and supplements are easily available at every pet stores . Antioxidants are also great for cat’s health. They battle oxidative stress, which destroys the cells and damages the immune system.

A high quality daily multi-vitamin and mineral intake is an easy way to successfully improve the immune system. We prefer to alternate with the vitamin supplements to provide a more diverse supply of extra nutrients.

Clean And Fresh Water

Depending on where you live, drinking water can be almost appropriate to fairly dangerous everywhere. Fluoride and chlorine bring tension to the elimination system of your pet. The best is filtered water, followed by bottled water and spring water. Dogs, and particularly cats, who eat raw food, get a lot of the moisture they need from their food, therefore they need clean and fresh water to stay healthy.

By following any or more of the tips listed above, you will dramatically improve the ability of your feline companion to fight the battles against illness for years ahead.

Paul Petersen

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