French bulldog Vaccination and Deworming: what should you know?

The vaccination of your French bulldog from puppyhood is very important to always be protected against many diseases at the same happens to us humans. Up to 6 months you will probably have to give him a vaccination a month. Then you will only have to vaccinate him once a year. 

You also have to take into account the internal and external deworming of your Frenchie Dog during his whole life. It is the only way to fight against parasites that transmit diseases, some even fatal.

Vaccination by age

  • 1 month: Deworming
  • 1.5 months: Parvovirus
  • 2 months: First Pentavalent Deworming
  • 2 months and 3 weeks: Second Pentavalent
  • 2 months and 3 weeks: Rabies

Vaccine against Parvovirus

It is a highly contagious and life-threatening virus. Symptoms: severe diarrhea is the most common, also tiredness, vomiting, and poor appetite.

Vaccine against kennel cough

It is a contagious respiratory infection that mainly occurs in kennels or kennels and is easily transmitted between puppies. Symptoms: chronic cough.

Distemper vaccine

  • It is a disease that mainly affects the respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Causes: virus related to human measles.
  • Symptoms: Mild such as fever, poor appetite, and mucous discharge progressing until brain damage becomes apparent.

Rabies vaccine

  • It is a potentially deadly virus that infects warm-blooded mammals. Although the chances are rare, it is mandatory to vaccinate them annually.
  • Symptoms: first stage behavior change, fear. In the second stage the behavior becomes more aggressive. And in the third stage: loss of coordination and problems with bodily functions.

Hepatitis vaccine

It is a virus that mainly affects the liver of the French bulldog and the Pug.

  • Causes: canine adenovirus type I. Contagion occurs by direct contact with sick animals that shed the virus through all excretions and body secretions, especially through urine, where viruses can be found up to 6 to 9 months after infection.
  • Symptoms: mild are listlessness, diarrhea and vomiting and the most serious including blue eye (mass of virus in the eye).

Corona virus Vaccine

It is a virus that causes digestive problems as a result. Causes – virus transmitted by the feces of infected dogs. Symptoms are Upset stomach evidenced by poor appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Leptospirosis vaccine

It is a serious disease that affects the internal organs. It can be transmitted to people. Symptoms are ranging from fever, loss of appetite, and vomiting in less severe cases, irreversible kidney damage and possibly death in more severe cases.


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