Get to know about Acne Scar Treatments in Canada

A little while ago we have mentioned all about acne scarring and homemade remedies for acne scarring while in isolation. Now everything is open, our Sovereign Skin Clinic too so we will start discussing therapies in the clinic to go along with what we are doing at home.

We have a wide range of treatments from facials, acne scar treatment Toronto, chemical peels to laser treatments. The best treatment plan can be formed by a doctor or with your dermatologist in a consultation. But first, let’s speak a little.

When acne does not improve on regular therapies like topicals or antibiotics, I have discovered that either PDT, or hormonal therapy (women), or isotretinoin is the next step. These medications are beneficial for acne and each has its own combination of positive and negative effects. When acne has been diapered, the medical aesthetic and/or dermatologist take measures of your skin to reduce the scar.

There is no question that PDT or PhotoDynamic Therapy is the most rigorous, but successful treatment. Sometimes 2-3 sessions are enough to shrink the sebaceous glands, and bacteria are destroyed 1 month apart. In certain cases, acne has disappeared, but pimples can be visible here and there. During the session, the skin is cleaned and the drug Metvix (often shielded by the drug plan) is applied, occluded, and left for 2-3 hours to be incubated. The medicine is enabled with a light-activated device that is designed particularly for PDT, Aktilite (or any other laser or light-based device such as BBL). Then, a post-protocol is required, but acne and even some acne scars can continue to decrease even after one session.

Facials are ideal for reducing blackhead development, pustules, and inflammation. They provide the skin a thorough purification and hydration. They can be achieved individually or as an outstanding accompaniment to some other procedure like chemical peels or microdermabrasion with the silk peel.

Chemical peels and silk-peel microdermabrasion both work together to eliminate congestion, lighten the skin and I think chemical peels are particularly successful in reducing scars and acne similarly. They are ideal for our patients who are ready to reduce scars.

PRP (Platin-rich plasma) with microneedling and only microneedling are non-laser therapies for textured scars. They are often effective for discoloration and redness. Inducing your own collagen may increase recessed scars and flattened scars. Even though we do not guarantee perfection, the desire to smooth the surface of the skin often reduces the shadows that are surrounded by the recessed scars.

Paul Petersen

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