Getting a CCTV Camera at Home: What Should You Know?

As you enter your front door and see your kids with your wife all sitting on the living room couch watching a movie, you will feel warmth and protectiveness. You might see yourself tiptoeing to the bedroom so you do not bother them from their enjoyment. You want to protect that moment, keep them safe from danger. In a home, safety is one of the most important features that must not be overlooked.

Home security measures are a simple concept. Making sure that the doors are locked and the windows are closed is the most common way to describe what measures you should do at home to keep it secured from intruders. Over time, intruders are getting smarter when it comes to invading secure homes. They use makeshift tools to unlock your doors and windows to take your valuables, and even cause harm to your family. You may never know when they are going to enter, or whether your house may be on their list. Thus, increasing your security is the best way to go, especially installing a home security camera from Singapore service providers!

Some homeowners’ natural response when they hear that they need security cameras in their home is confusion. You might have questions in your mind right now as well. It is a valid reaction. To answer your questions, this article will address all of them. From the common problems that occur inside a home to how you should maintain your CCTV cameras, let this article serve as your guide!


Common Security Problems at Home

What are the specific problems that your home has that would be solved by installing a CCTV camera for your home in Singapore? There are lots of them, but there are common ones that you and many other homeowners have right now. Take a look at this list of specifics to know if you relate to them:


Exposed hinges and locks

Every house has weak spots. Of course, they are what criminals examine first so they would know where they could enter. Take time to observe your home to catch these weak spots. Most of the time, the cause of homes getting invaded by thieves are the exposed hinges and locks.

You must know that a hinge or lock is easier to break than a big steel security gate or door. It is either you invest in new doors where the locks and hinges are found on the side of the door, or you install a security camera that covers the area of your doors’ locks.

Untrimmed bushes and tree branches over the walls

If burglars cannot enter from the ground floor of your home, they will make a way to enter through your second floor. When you have a tree beside your house, ensure that they are always trimmed if you do not want it to be a way for them to climb over and unlock your second or third-floor windows.

Bushes are also hiding spots of people who have gone over your gate. Even when you have installed a wireless CCTV camera for home from Singapore home security providers, they can blend in the dark because of your untrimmed bushes. Therefore, do not let them grow wildly.

You welcome everyone

When it comes to being hospitable, you should learn limitations. Some people have ulterior motives as to why they are being nice to you and your family. Criminals have developed strategies to steal your valuables under your noses, so you must never welcome just anyone from your home.

If you want to get closer to your boss or your neighbours, only gather them in the living room and dining room. As much as possible, on the day of their visit, you should keep your valuables in your rooms upstairs if you do not want them to get stolen or damaged.

Though there are many solutions to these common problems, you should never abandon the idea of installing a CCTV camera for your Singapore home. There are direct signs that you may have encountered that sends a message that you should have home cameras to give your house its needed security. So, what are those signs?


Signs You Need to Invest in Installing in Security Cameras

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, but it is more commonly known as video surveillance. If you ever walk into a commercial establishment, such as a retail store or a restaurant, you will likely find wall-mounted cameras in the corners of the room. Some of them might even be a wireless IP camera in Singapore wherein it can be watched by security personnel on a laptop or computer in real-time.

CCTVs are security cameras, and each home needs them. If the signs below align with your experiences at home, you should not hesitate in investing in CCTVs!


Your house was invaded before

As much as you do not want to relive the trauma of having robbers inside your house stealing all your valuables, you must face the truth that you do not have a robust home security system. Do not worry because it will not take another intruder to let you know that you have weak security. Take this case as a sign that you need to increase your security. Start by investing in a wireless IP camera in Singapore!

Items in your house keep getting lost

What you must know about home CCTV cameras is that they can also be installed inside the house. If you live with a housemaid or a relative you have not seen in a long time, and some valuables in your home get missing, you can catch them in the act with indoor cameras. With these, you will never have to point fingers because the footage will serve as evidence.

You have a baby

For some homeowners who have children, they can install a CCTV camera from Singapore manufacturers that make them in small sizes. If you have a baby, you can have one installed in their room to know how they are doing while you are doing home chores. These cameras would not have audio, but you can always buy a baby monitor that detects noises in their room.

You are going on vacation

Summertime is the season when many home intruders lurk neighbourhoods to see if they can find houses where they could enter while the family is gone. You do not want to be a part of their list. Before you book that flight abroad, ensure that you can leave your house with enough security to deflect criminals. Pair your security cameras with other measures, such as burglar alarm, door and window locks, gravel around your property, and security lights.

You have the budget

Last but not least, never forget to prioritise your security. Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You must secure the bottom part of your needs first, which includes shelter and security. When you have the budget to afford a wireless CCTV camera for your home in Singapore, you should not let that chance pass. Take it as soon as you are able!


Where to Put CCTV Cameras in Your Home?

A CCTV camera in Singapore made to be installed outdoors is vulnerable to camera tampering. It is physical destruction, vandalism, or theft or a security camera. Thus, you have to be meticulous about where to install your cameras outside of your home.

To know the best spots to put them, take note of these suggested CCTV camera placements:


Front, back, and side doors

Your house has multiple entry points, and you must secure all of them. From your front door to your back door, ensure that you have a security camera installed that can cover a wide range of the area. It will help in detecting movements and possible intruders.

Common areas inside

Aside from getting a security camera from Singapore suppliers for your baby’s room, you must also get another indoor camera for the common areas in your home. Ensure that where your valuables are displayed, there must also be a camera watching them!


Garages are one of the common entry points that intruders choose because anyone that goes in and out of the garage can hide when your car goes in and out as well. A camera watching this area in your home can immediately detect suspicious activity. So, do not forget this spot.

Off-street windows

Side windows that are not facing the road are prone to break-ins because they are private and away from the eyes of people from the street. No one would suspect that anyone could come in from this side area, so you should have a CCTV camera for your home in Singapore to cover this area and catch the intruder in the act!


How Should You Maintain Your CCTV Cameras?

Your wireless IP camera from Singapore is an investment. If you want to maximise this investment, you must perform routine maintenance to address its concerns as early as possible. Here are some ways you should follow when it comes to maintaining your CCTV cameras:


Clean their lens

Before you panic about someone intercepting your security camera, you should ensure that their lenses are clean. The outdoor air can bring dust and dirt to the surface of your camera’s lens. A simple tip you can follow is to clean them with a microfibre cloth. Remember to be gentle when wiping to avoid scratching the lens!

Check the cabling

Wild animals can go on your lawns and play with your cables outside. When you have not upgraded your cameras to a wireless CCTV camera for your home in Singapore, you should do a daily check on your cables. Before it goes dark and in the morning, check for damages so you can avoid disconnection.

Observe if your cameras start developing rust

If you invested in cameras made from steel materials, remember to look out for signs of corrosion. Rainwater is a common cause of rust, so you must install your cameras where they would not get wet. When water comes in contact with your steel cameras, wipe them with a soft cloth to dry them immediately.

Ask your supplier

Is this your first time installing a security camera in Singapore? There are plenty of things you must learn about your cameras. The frequency of CCTV maintenance and CCTV repair is dependent on the manufacturer, onsite conditions, and system configuration. Though it should be clear that any system needs careful maintenance to prevent hardware issues from arising from time to time.

When you invest in modern systems from well-renowned manufacturers in Singapore, you can expect your cameras to largely function as soon as you pull them out of their box. These types of systems do not demand constant attention when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing problems. Thus, only give your trust and confidence to a reliable home CCTV camera system provider.


KirinCCTV as Your Provider of Home CCTV Camera in Singapore

One of the main benefits of having a security camera in your Singapore home is that you will have peace of mind that allows you and your family members to sleep soundly at night. Whether you choose to install a wired or wireless type of CCTV camera, you can increase your security by letting them be the extra pair of eyes to check in on your property wherever you are. From now to the future, there will always be cases of home invaders, and you can avoid being a victim when you get them today.

KirinCCTV is one of the trusted suppliers and service providers of security cameras for both residential and business buildings. They know that the best defence against criminals from entering your home and stealing your valuables is a home security system. Thus, they ensure that their clients get the best and high-quality security cameras that they need for their homes. You can even check out what their past clients have to say about their services on their website. Rest assured that you are in safe hands when you hire them.

Send them a message on their website to know your security camera options right now!

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