Getting a private dance at a strip club

Anyone who has ever been to a strip club knows that a lap dance is the highlight of going to a strip club. Basically when you go to a strip club you are there to see a show or shows where women dance up and down a stage and in the process, seductively take their clothes off as men watch on from their tables. There’s money being thrown onstage. Besides the stage dancing, there is lap dancing. If you want the full strip club experience you need to buy yourself a lap dance or a private performance.

Lap dances usually last one song. On average a song plays for about 3 to 5 minutes. This might sound like a short time, but an experienced dancer can move sensuously and slowly on your lap that you don’t even realise how long she has been doing it. 

When you find a girl you like and you would like a little time with her, you can ask her for a private dance. This typically happens in a secluded part of the club and there is a set amount of you’ll have to pay to get up-close and a little personal with a stripper. 

And then there is the lap dance that can be done on a customer’s lap. It’s more than just grinding. It can involve some impressive acrobatics. The stripper will undress and either go topless or full nude depending on the club rules. Be prepared to spend more money on a private or champagne room (as some people call it) Besides the going rate, you should tip the dancer to show your appreciation.  

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What can you do in a private room? How discrete is the private room? Is there someone watching? Is it safe? 

Private dances are where the money is at for a lot of strippers. They only have to please one customer with a specific dance routine. They can talk with their customer’s and get to know them. The stripper client interaction can be intimate in a non-sexual way. For instance, there are a lot of men who find it easy to talk to strippers about their sexual anxieties. Some people are just lonely and need someone to focus on them for a while. In a lot of cases nudity is secondary. Click here for more details about Paul Leongas Club

They younger guys are excitable. They are the ones who need rules. There are club rules and then there are rules or boundaries that a stripper may want to set with a client. Private rooms aren’t entirely private. They may be monitored by camera. Placing cameras in private rooms is not voyeurism but a security measure. If things get out of hand and a performer starts to feel unsafe, she might indicate on camera for the club manager to remedy the situation. If the dancer is faced with an ill-mannered client she should be able to bail out of that room. Forget everything you’ve seen in the movies: strip clubs aren’t seedy dens of inequity. Club owners don’t promote or encourage illegal behaviour. Reputable clubs will have a zero tolerance for drugs or fighting. People who break the club rules will be thrown out, it’s even harder to sneak in illegal stuff in clubs because bouncers will kick you out.

There are lots of very talented dancers in strip clubs who have perfected lap dances so far, they will leave you wanting more. This is where you need to start watching your wallet. It can go empty before you know. Because clubs accept credit card a lot of people find themselves in debt because the couldn’t curb their enthusiasm. 

David Curry

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