Guidelines To Compare Features Of Android-Based Smartphones And iPhone

There are series of arguments between people regarding which is a better version – Andriod-based Smartphone or iPhone? This debate seems endless and most of the people are big fans of iOS or Android. Samsung is a company that deals with Android-based Smartphones and Apple deals with iPhones.One onsite platforms such as Movical you can compare the rates and other differences between Android Smartphones and iPhones.

Following are the guidelines to compare the features of AndroidSmartphones and iPhones:

  1. Apps crash more on Android-based Smartphones

iPhones do not allow its customers to experience frequent App crashing. On the other hand, after a certain period of time, Android-based Apps crash pretty frequently. This is a very positive difference between an Android Smartphone and iPhone.

  1. Uncustomizable home screen on iPhone

Things are easier when it comes to customizing your personal data on an Android-based Smartphone. However, iPhone has a limited range of personalizing the data on the screen. Things get easier when locating a particular thing on the Android-based Smartphones.

  1. App Store is much organized than the Play Store.

People using iPhones find that their App Store is much more systematic and well-organized. It looks very straightforward, although, there are different categories alike the Play Store. Check out these features on online platforms such as Movical.

  1. More paid Apps on iPhone

App Store in iPhone seeks more money from iPhone customers as compared to the Android-based Smartphone Apps. This may be because there are fewer Ads in iPhone. Android Smartphones are therefore considered budget-friendly.

  1. Lesser Advanced iPhone Apps

The default Apps in iPhone are not so advanced when compared to the ones in an Android-based Smartphone. The Maps, Safari, Photos and Mail are not as good as Google Maps, Google Photos and Gmail.

Hope the above guidelines help you make a wise choice between an Android-based Smartphone and iPhone.

Paul Petersen

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