Hair Transplant – Why Is It Better Than Other Hair Loss Treatments?

Hair fall is a normal phenomenon until it involves loss of 50-100 hairs in a day but when it counts more, it could be signs of hair loss. Normal hair fall has been faced by everyone and we all know how we panic at that stage. We all can imagine how it feels if the hair loss is occurring at a faster rate which cannot be stopped or slower down. 

 Hair loss is a painful and devastating phase of one’s life which is even more disturbing when you can’t stop its progression. People often neglect it in early phase but when it becomes noticeable we becomes desperate in finding a treatment solution. People try various available treatment options in the light of treating the hair loss permanently. But most of the available cosmetic products results are questionable. 

So let’s figure out what are the various treatment modalities which could help in treating hair loss and how efficiently their impact is:

  1. Hair wigs: This is one of the most commonly adopted solutions for hair loss. Various types of wigs are available in the market which provides a temporary solution of hair loss. This could be embarrassing and exhausting for people as one has to regularly maintain it which is difficult and does not resolve the problem permanently.
  2. Suction wigs: When after looking for chances of wigs to fall and cause embarrassment suction technology has been applied to wigs for better attachment to the scalp which prevents its falling. Still it is not a permanent solution and you need to maintain it regularly. 
  3. Hair extensions and hair patch: Hair extensions and hair patches are widely available in the market but this serves the same purpose as wigs. Presently, permanent hair extensions are in trends but ideally they are not permanent and serve the purpose for some days. Including these hair extensions could harm the strength of adjacent hairs for which they should be judiciously decided. 
  4. Oils, lotions and shampoos: There are many types including herbal or chemical based oils, lotions and shampoos available in the market. But whether they have beneficial effects or not seems unpredictable and questionable. Thus, these cannot be trusted as treatment modalities for hair loss.  
  5. Different parting to hide baldness: People often try various types of parting to hide the visible scalp. This offers visibility of bald area easily when the hair loss increases. Thus, this could not be a permanent solution as hair loss could shortly reach to a stage where you will be no longer able to hide the baldness. Thus, it is only a temporary solution. 
  6. Going shaved head and with beard look: Some people try head shave look which suits few of them but could not be an option for all. Similarly, beard full look give the illusion of hair coverage which could be temporarily used. This also does not offer a solution for all and carrying the same look could be could be frustrating.
  7. Medications: There are 2 well known medications available in the market for hair loss solution. Minoxidil, an over the counter available lotion which is applied on the desired area of the scalp intended to slower the progression of hair loss and thickens the hairs for more fuller look. The mechanism behind the action is the medication increases the blood supply which increases the nutrition delivery to hair follicles.

Finasteride is another medication which is orally and needs a prescription. This medication is intended to slower the progression of hair loss and also increases the rate of hair growth. The mechanism by which it acts includes reduction of formation of DHT hormone which in turn is not available to influence hair follicles.  

These medications might or might not be beneficial as the effects are not guaranteed. Including, the results could relapse once the medication is stopped. 

  1. Hair transplant: It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is the only permanent solution for hair loss. Newer advancements in techniques of hair transplant have made it possible to achieve the extremely natural results. The hair transplant surgical procedure is precision based and should be performed by an expert and experienced hands. Hair transplant is surely an effective procedure and is better than others because this is the single procedure which offers permanent results and outcome looks natural. This omits the hassle of temporary solutions and is low maintenance because they are the natural hairs which are transplanted and grows naturally as normal hairs.

Hair transplant cost in Rajasthan is quite affordable especially in Jaipur and is also jewelled with few renowned hair transplant surgeons. Thus, Jaipur have always stayed as a cream destination for hair transplant tourism. 

Dr Suneet Soni is one of the most well known hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur who has built his reputation over the years by delivering excellent aesthetic outcomes. 


Medispa clinics for hair transplant in India have been delivering best and world class hair transplant results since 2005. We are proud to announce that we have become one of the most approached hair transplant destinations for national and international patients including celebrities.  We have the India’s biggest team of hair transplant which is highly experienced and efficient. Dr Suneet Soni has his name widespread all over the world for his extensive surgical skills and his artistic vision to build natural hairline. His dedication and hard work clearly reflects in his surgical outcomes which are best in terms of permanency and natural looks. 

If you wish to have a memorable experience of hair transplant, visit Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur. 



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