Health Check Up Guide: The Things You Need To Know

Like most individuals, you might arrange an annual health check up or “annual physical” with your doctor. The annual physical may include medical records, series of medical consultations, and health screening or tests.

It’s critical to have regular family healthcare professionals to ensure you get the greatest medical treatment for your specific needs. On the other hand, healthy individuals may not require annual health screening because, most likely, examinations may cause more harm than good. Below are the reasons why we say so.

  1. Annual physical examinations rarely result in improved health if you are a healthy person.

Much research has been done on the consequences of annual health check ups. They are unlikely to help you stay healthy and live longer. Complications can arise as a result of tests and health screenings.

  1. The majority of people should only undergo a test or examination if they are experiencing symptoms or have risk factors.

Getting a false-positive result is one issue. These mishaps can lead to worry as well as unnecessary testing and therapies. A false-positive blood test, for instance, can lead to a biopsy. An incorrectly misread electrocardiogram (ECG) may result in another test that exposes you to radiation. Alternatively, you could undergo a procedure to see arteries in the heart, which has a chance of a heart attack or mortality who undergo surgery.

Make an appointment with your family’s medical practitioner.

Your healthcare practitioner is the ideal person to ask about your medical history. You can talk to him about the optimum time for any examinations or assessments you might need.

You can inquire if an annual physical is essential if your health care practitioner wants to arrange one. Alternatively, see if you can wait till you have a concern or a sports injury, for instance, to meet a sports injury specialist.

So, when should an adult have a check-up?


You may require medical attention when you experience the following:

  • When you’re not feeling well.
  • When you experience a symptom, it could indicate that you are sick.
  • To treat chronic or recurrent illnesses.
  • To see how a new drug affects you.
  • To aid in the reduction of risk factors such as smoking and obesity.
  • If you are pregnant, for prenatal care.
  • For issues of lifestyle, such as family planning.
  • For a variety of other reasons, depending on your specific requirements.

People in their twenties may go years without seeing a healthcare professional without jeopardizing their health. In contrast, elderly adults who have accumulated risk factors for certain illnesses may see a medical professional more frequently. It’s preferable if you have a reputable health care provider who knows your medical records and whom you visit regularly.

Isn’t it possible to provide preventive care?

The importance of preventive care cannot be overstated. Having a family doctor allows you to receive preventive care.

It would be best that everyone receives the appropriate vaccines and laboratory findings at the times and frequencies.

What tests are available to help you?

The following suggestions are for healthy people. You may need further testing or more frequent health screenings if you have health risks or a chronic condition. Ask your doctor about the best screening regimen for you. Still, these are several conditions that the medical doctor should evaluate for many individuals:

  • Blood pressure that is too high
  • Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that affects the female
  • Men over 40 and women over 50 with a low-risk profile have high cholesterol.
  • Breast cancer and diabetes
  • Colon cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Enlarged blood vessel

5 Significant Characteristics to Look For In Your Medical Professional

Most individuals either have a vague sense of what a good doctor should look like or haven’t given it much attention. However, whether you’re looking for a new doctor or a specialist, the vital characteristics of a decent healthcare professional should be among the things you think about. These characteristics in a specialist will make it easier for you and your household to get the treatment you need without too many hassles or issues.

  1. Professional and well-versed in a wide range of topics.A specialist’s understanding of the human system and its functioning should be comprehensive. This is precisely what is expected of such a specialist to provide health assistance that enables patients to achieve and maintain excellent overall wellness.
  2. Possessing a solid set of credentials.While a certificate from a prestigious institution and other qualifications are not a guarantee of a doctor’s ability to provide high-quality care, they are an excellent place to start. If a doctor’s qualifications are lacking, you should thoughtfully examine other possibilities. The professional must meet all license criteria, as well as board certification.
  3. Patience. This is one of the most crucial characteristics of a doctor, which you should seek right away. Look for a doctor who will take the time to respond to your concerns and ensure that you grasp your present health condition.
  4. Superior communication abilities. A doctor must be capable of both presenting pieces of knowledge and listening to the patient. Patients who understand their specialists can better manage themselves in terms of health and self-care.
  5. Sincerity and understanding. Your doctor should constantly make you feel at ease to express your various concerns and inquiries about your condition. If you discover that you and your doctor have no emotional bond, it’s time to locate a new professional. Someone warm, empathetic, and motivating will put patients at ease and make it simpler for them to adhere to treatment regimens.

Allow your healthcare provider to guide you.


The general message is that screening guidelines differ. Hence the reason why it is critical to talk to your doctor about the appropriateness of all diagnostic health check ups.

It is of utmost importance that you locate a healthcare provider who can give health screening promotions and the support you need, especially regarding medications. Healthcare professionals in Singapore, such as Thomson Wellth Clinic, can provide you with the care and assistance you require.

Your doctor will go over all of your risk variables with you and prescribe the examinations and treatments that are most relevant for your demographic and general state of wellbeing.


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