Hong Kong Surrogacy: The Best option for Parenthood

Science has advanced the birth process through multiple options and one of the best options to become a parent is surrogacy. Hong Kong is one of the popular cities where families choose to adopt parentage through surrogacy, and it is a legal process to be a parent. Though Hong Kong surrogacy laws are applied exceptionally by the government as compared to other countries where people enjoy more freedom and easy process for choosing surrogacy.

Choosing the right surrogate agency is a challenging task, but parents should evaluate all the factors such as knowledge of Hong Kong surrogacy laws, medical procedures and can help to answer all the queries of the couple. It is not mandatory to select the surrogate mother from the same city, she can live anywhere, and it is in trend followed by Hong Kong citizens to move to other locations for easy surrogacy process and fewer formalities. An entire test of the surrogate female will be carried out before starting the procedure and a surrogate agency can simplify the entire process for new couples.

Hong Kong Egg donation is another process in which a woman can help another woman to conceive by donating her eggs. Eggs of the donor will be kept in the medical laboratory and an embryo will be formed; this embryo will be transferred in the recipient’s uterus. 

Egg Donor Could Be Any Woman:

  • Between 21 to 29 years of age.
  • Right BMI level.
  • She should be a non-smoker. 
  • The family medical history of the donor will be checked for any reproduction issue. 

Hong Kong Egg Donation Process Takes A Maximum Of Three months.

Travel expenses can be borne by the agency for two people and other expenses related to medications, medical procedures would be paid by the intended parents. Major responsibilities of the egg donor to stay honest during the entire process without hiding any issue, all the medical appointments should be on time and following the instructions given by the specialists. In addition to this, an egg donor is most welcome to ask all the queries and will get satisfying answers. No need to worry about fertility, donating an egg will not impact the reproduction system to produce more eggs and to conceive in the future.

Once the egg matching is done and the intended mother becomes pregnant, a donor gave a major contribution to complete a family. It would be a heartening experience for the donor with the full support of a donor agency and intended parents.

Paul Petersen

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