How Body Care is Helping Australians to Live longer

People are living longer. This is a trend that has come to light in recent years. It is great. We are finally figuring out what it takes to allow our bodies to live to greater ages. There is no longer the requirement for the same amount of the population to engage in the back-breaking work that was the norm in the past. Technology has afforded us a comfortable existence. Some people may argue that we have become too comfortable, and this may be true when one examines mobile phone usage, however, that is a topic for another day. The technology that surrounds us has allowed us to tackle issues that would have been devastating to a person’s health in the past. This article is here to discuss this and show how it is helping people to live longer in Australia.

Taking Care of the Body

One of the biggest contributors to illness is discomfort. If a person is experiencing pain, they will be more likely to fall ill. Pain breeds pain, and discomfort breeds more discomfort. Thankfully, the technology that we have today is helping us to alleviate the pain and suffering of society. In the past, a person who had an ache in their body would be forced to endure it. The choice of going to the doctor for a screening, x-ray, or MRI was not available. Thankfully, today we have this luxury. When someone is experiencing pain, they can simply go for a check-up and locate the cause in a few hours. An example of this is visiting a myotherapist in Melbourne. Myotherapy involves the treatment of soft-tissue damage. Our ancestors would not have been able to do this. Therefore, many injuries that we commonly treat today could have been the source of intense discomfort.

Yoga is now the Norm

In Australia, yoga has become a cultural practice. The benefits to be gained from yoga are amazing. It serves to rejuvenate the body. It is like watering the flowers in a garden. If you have ever performed yoga for a period, you will know what I am talking about. So often we neglect our physical body, but by taking care of it with practices such as yoga we can ensure it stays in better condition for longer. 

We Now Have the Science of Our Food

Science has allowed us to know exactly what our bodies need. We have perfected this down to a fine art. We can manage and measure the micro-nutrients that we consume. We can now easily identify when someone is deficient or getting too much of one specific nutrient. The result is that people are living longer. Instead of eating the same thing every day, our diets are now full of colour, superfoods and water. Read more on superfoods here.

Our health is important. It is what allows us to feel good. It should be taken seriously. Learning more about health can be an interesting journey, why not start yours today? Trust me when I say this, by taking your health more seriously, you will live a happier life.


Alison Lurie

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