How Important Are URL Redirects for Your Online Business

Redirection is a process when a website (or web page) wishes to relocate itself from one URL to another URL.  The need for redirects can be due to several reasons, such as broken URL, redesigning of the website, deletion, change in the domain name, etc.

A redirect website URL is one of the good ways to boost the authenticity of your website with search engines. It is a good way to optimize the experiences of the user, and contribute to the overall integrity of the website.

About broken webpages and user experience

Dead website links and broken pages can positively affect website reliability and user experience in the business. Your webpage ranking gets adversely affected when you send people to those URLs that do not exist.

Users get frustrated when they are sent to shattered pages, and that will make them deviate from your brand completely. 404 webpages create a web appearance that shows that you have a responsibility towards your viewers. Your uncaring attitude will backfire and destroy your credibility in the industry.

You can easily use WP 301 Redirects, a reliable redirect WordPress plugin to manage and optimize your site rankings and user experiences more efficiently. This plugin is designed to solve the overlooked SEO features of your website like, 404 pages, and redirections errors. By using this plugin, a website can wisely redirect traffic from “404 error pages” to webpages that users want to visit.

There are a few reasons why some of your pages should lead to URL redirects:

  • Users are typing wrong “URL” by mistake
  • Your contents and links on old and redundant
  • You want to migrate your site to a new web domain
  • Site audit and maintenance

For the best performance from your website redirects, make sure you thoroughly check the existing redirects and monitor them. Ensure that they are working the way they are intended to work. It should send your website users to where you wanted them to move.

In this way, you will save users from getting disappointed, and to maintain their interest and trust in your business. Right usage of redirect functionality helps a business to quickly recover their traffic, and it makes the website visitors happy.

Ways in which Broken Links Impact Organic Search Rankings, and Domain Authority

Domain authority is a scale that assists in analyzing the popularity of the website in the online world. Older websites rank high on the SERP than new websites that have not established their domain authority yet. When your website has a good domain authority, you must maintain it, and not let it get affected because of broken web pages and old unwanted information.


These redirects are a useful utility that a website should use to send the visitors to improved and relevant pages. It is a way to retain the SEO rankings of a website. Understanding the concept, and implementing it in the right way helps in improving the image of a business.

If your WordPress website in a total mess, then you might need to use a reset plugin, but don’t forget to use the temporary redirects to get the job done.

David Curry

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