How Safe Is It To Take Rhodiola Herb Liquid Extract?

Could you imagine that the root of a particular medicinal herb has been in use for centuries? This article sheds light on the Rhodiola herb, whose scientific name is Rhodiola rosea. This perennial plant primarily grows in cold, high-altitude regions in Europe and Asia, and it is called golden root or arctic root. The root of this herb with medicinal properties contains over 140 ingredients.

Taking Rhodiola tincture is safe and benefits overall health. However, you must know the right dosage and consume it accordingly. The Rhodiola herb’s roots are adaptogens, implying that the extracted components help the human body easily cope with stress. You can also reduce fatigue, anxiety, and depression if you have it regularly.

A good number of individuals include Rhodiola in their daily diet as a supplement. Salidroside and Rosavin are the two most powerful and highly-active components that make the Rhodiola herb stand out.

Keep reading to understand whether taking Rhodiola is safe, besides the correct dose and the ideal time to have it regularly.

Availability of Rhodiola in Varying Forms

One of the relatively rare medicinal herbs is Rhodiola in other parts of the world except for Scandinavia and Russia. Natives have used it for centuries to deal better with adverse climatic conditions. Rhodiola liquid extract is available extensively in the form of tinctures or capsules. You’d also find tea with Rhodiola as the main ingredient. Still, most people prefer to have it in the pill or tincture form for precise dosing.

Dosage and the Ideal Time to Consume Rhodiola

Do not make the same mistake many individuals taking Rhodiola supplements do. It is not appropriate as well as safe to have Rhodiola extract, regardless of the form, before going to bed at night. The only reason is this herb has a bit of a stimulating effect on the body. Thus, the suitable time to consume Rhodiola is after waking up in the morning on an empty stomach.

The majority of individuals have this herb extract in tablets or capsules. These Rhodiola forms contain nearly 100 to 200 milligrams with close to one percent salidroside and three percent rosavin. In addition, there is an availability of Rhodiola tinctures. It helps relieve mild and moderate mental health issues effectively when you take it in the right doses.

Rhodiola Extract Safety

As per a recently conducted credible research study, the consumption of Rhodiola herb liquid extract in the correct dosage is well tolerated and safe. However, clinical studies highlight a few side effects of this medicinal plant.

The Food and Drug Administration considers foods as dietary supplements. There is simply no way to convince them to regard drugs as a supplement. The FDA does not approve any dietary supplement that claims it can completely prevent, treat, or cure a health issue.

Supplements, which include Rhodiola, are likely to cause side effects. The possibilities increase when Rhodiola or other herb is not pure or manufacturers combine multiple herbs with different levels of potency.

Consult your healthcare professional if you are already on medications before taking Rhodiola extract. Doing so is essential because the mixing of Rhodiola with other medications may happen, and because of that, your other medical condition may exacerbate. Ensure your physician checks the Rhodiola supplement before you purchase and confirms that it’s safe for consumption and your health condition.

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