How Thai web designers change the face of Internet in 2021

Website design Thailand is an industry that has gone a long way. Only several years ago having a website was luxury itself. Customers did not care about the design. The fact that a business has a website already meant that it is a serious and trustworthy organization. It was only later, with the development of Internet technologies, that we have realized the potential of an online presence.

Nowadays a website is named among the most necessary tools of a digital marketing and branding strategy. From luxury and demonstration of significance, having a website has become a necessity for almost every business. And in 2020, when we were forced to move online to survive, websites became a lifeline for the business world in general.

Two worlds, two visions

While the industry was developing, we started noticing significant features that characterized web designs from different parts of the world. In the beginning, they were more or less the same, but while the technology and skills of designers were developing, they became able to obtain specific features and significant styles. The culture, fashion, and social trends in different regions have had a great influence on web design like it influences art. Web design itself has become a kind of modern art.

Nowadays a web designer is a unique professional that manages to combine feature of a technical specialist and the talents of any creative professional. Being able to combine visual expression with the knowledge of technology, modern web designers managed to create a whole new universe – the online space – a place where we were forced to mode due to the Pandemic of COVID-19, and we are probably to stay forever.

That said, it becomes quite clear that just like fine art and music are very different in Eastern and Western cultures, Webdesign also becomes a significant element that distinguishes trends from all over the world. But unlike music and fashion – arts that are extremely intercorporate and eager to obtain trends from different cultures, Webdesign appeared to be such a powerful source of expression that it remains extremely distinctive. Asian web designers have always been and remain an inspiration for numerous foreign colleagues.

Bangkok – the place where unique designs are born

So what is it about Asian designs that make them stand out? And why among all of them, Bangkok remains the capital of Asian Webdesign being a home for the most successful studios and professionals?

The answer is quite simple. Asian designs are simply different from those made in the West, by Thai designers, who have a rich experience of collaboration with both worlds, manage to find the balance and create designs that are attractive for different users worldwide.

  • They are not afraid to experiment. While Asian professionals are mostly recognized as the most pragmatic ones, those are European and American designers who appeared to be a hostage of too many restrictions. Constantly surveying and collecting data, they have turned web design into a structured process, kind of an ABC. Asian designers are open to experiments. Massive visual content and a combination of contrasting colors and textures on one page is not a taboo, but one of the signature moves of web designers from the East.
  • The jungle with trends. Most of the Webdesign trends that we see nowadays and that are likely to follow us in 2021 were originally born in Asian studios. Layering, combining photography and graphics are the elements that we see more and more often nowadays, but they all root in the Asian design. Moreover, the sources of inspiration for those hype trends are the art pieces that have appeared long before the Internet itself. This tendency shows that the world of Webdesign is most probably moves to a new chapter – the incorporation of two diagonal cultures and concepts.


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