How To Choose The Best AV Rental Company

When you’re interested in having AV products for an event but don’t want to purchase them, you should think about contacting an AV rental company. However, it’s important to find a reputable company so you get the best products and services around without having any mishaps occur during an event so your reputation doesn’t go down. Make sure to keep in mind all of these different factors before hiring a company.


The first process you should go through before even calling up local companies is to check the reviews out online. Make sure to not only look into the overall rating but what the last reviews said. Often, someone can buy up a company with a great reputation and ruin it but the reviews don’t completely tell that story. Additionally, ask any friends or family that might have dealt with these companies before to see if they have local ones to recommend. Going through the review process will help you narrow down your selection of companies to pick from.


When using a rental company, you need to make the products they have are quality. The tell-tale bad signs of a rental company are giving you all older equipment as that tends to mean they are skimping out on costs to get an extra buck. Additionally, check for physical wear and tear as anything that looks broken tends to be that way for a reason. Making sure the products used are quality is one of the most important parts of hiring a rental company.


You might think that you can use these products by yourself, but it’s a good idea to find a company that is willing to come to your event to operate them themselves. Usually, reputable companies will offer staff who can do this as it shows they are trustworthy enough to show you they believe in their products. Additionally, make sure the rental company staff and others putting on your event get acquainted with each other beforehand as it will be a lot easier for them to work together and make everything work smoothly. Ensure you have your AV services settled before your event starts.


Chances are if you are responsible for hosting an event, you have a certain budget that you need to stick to. It’s important that you find out early on how much you are going to pay all together as this helps you budget out the rest of your event that might be more flexible. Ensure that you get a contract with the rental company that has all of the final prices in writing so they don’t try to sneak out hidden fees that can total up in the thousands in certain cases. Additionally, check out the prices off all of the companies in your area as if it seems that you are getting ripped off, you might be able to show the other prices to them so they lower their own to get you to keep your contract with them. If you’re interested in making sure that you can have your event go under budget, make sure you find the best prices.


Finding the right AV rental company might be hard. Once you’ve done it once however, you’ll be able to easily build a relationship with the company and have people you can keep working with in the future. Make sure that you stay friends with them and keep a good conversation so they are willing to work with you again as well.


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