How to Control Squirrels on Your Property

Squirrels are often considered cute, non-threatening animals. They can be fun to watch, and even to feed.  However, when squirrel populations get out of control, it can become a real fight to protect your property and your structures from their destruction. There are ways to help control the squirrel population in your area and on your property. Keep reading to find out how.

When Do Squirrels Become a Problem?

In small numbers, squirrels often pose no threat to you, your property, or your pets. However, when a squirrel population grows too large for a given area, problems can arise. The most common problem is that if squirrels do not have enough space to roam, chew, sleep and play, they will take to your structures in order to do these things. One of their most destructive behaviors is chewing. Squirrels naturally chew out in the wild on branches and bark. But when squirrels feel crowded by overgrown squirrel populations, they will spread out into man-made structures such as barns, homes, and sheds. Here they will chew and build nests causing damage to your structure.

In addition to these behaviors, squirrels can carry diseases like all rodents. These diseases can include typhus, plague, ringworm, and others. Let’s look at a few ways you can help control the squirrel population in your area.

No Feeding

If you have one or two squirrels you might be tempted to feed them. This is the fastest way to inflate a squirrel population beyond normal conditions. This will immediately attract squirrels from other areas onto your property. When humans are not involved, squirrels will usually regulate their populations based on how much food is available. By offering the squirrels additional food you are throwing off this balance. Refrain from feeding squirrels.

Remove Attractions

If you are starting to have a squirrel problem, you will want to remove anything that attracts them. This includes large amounts of fallen fruit, nuts, or easy access to the trash.

Scare Them Away

A pet could come in handy to scare the squirrels away as they will see this pet as a potential predator. Placing plastic owls on high spots in your yard or property is also an effective way to scare them off.

Baffle Them

Squirrel baffles are wire cages that can be placed around plants that attract squirrels. If you maintain a garden this is a great way to protect your plants. Squirrel baffles can also be used to protect bird feeders. Many homeowners are discouraged because they want to feed the birds without feeding the squirrels. This can be accomplished by placing the baffle around the feeder. Baffles can be created with fencing or netting.


There are commercial repellents you can buy which will deter squirrels in your yard. These repellents must be applied occasionally to the area to stay effective. You definitely need to reapply after rain. There are also natural ways to repel squirrels. They are repelled by certain plants such as peppermint, daffodils, snowdrops, allium, and hyacinth.

Wildlife Removal Services

If you would like your squirrel problem to be handled professionally, you can hire wildlife removal services to help you. These companies will safely remove pests such as squirrels from your home or property.

David Curry

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